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Where to Stay in Paris - le Fresh 2019 Edition!

Selecting the right neighborhood to stay in Paris is one of the most important elements of holiday planning as it will set the tone for your entire experience. Discover which Paris village is yours with our 'Petite' guide...

Paris is divided into 20 districts known as 'Arrondissements’ (abbreviated as 'eme' i.e 1eme, 2eme, 3eme, 4eme ...) and is split in two by the Seine River.  From the Seine/center the arrondissements count upwards from 1-20 in clockwise direction. Everything above the Seine is the Right Bank (arrondissements 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20); and everything south of the river is the smaller Left Bank (arrondissements 5, 6, 7, 13, 14 and 15)
* Note: Even the neighborhoods  furthest from the epicenter of Paris (such as 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 14th, 14th and 15th), are still only a maximum of 25mins metro to the center as Paris is a diverse but very compact city with efficient transport.
And it pays to stay in less central/ tourist areas that are generally cheaper, more authentic, tranquil and have their own village cafes, brasseries, bars, restaurants, boutiques, museums, markets & more.
Nevertheless each district has its own history, culture, attractions, atmosphere and way of life. So it’s a  good  idea to read about each district  to decide which ‘feels  like home’ to  you!
p.s All Petite B&Bs are within 5 min walk to the closest metro, so the center is never far from home.  NEW Metro MAP

Le 1ème Arrondissement - MAP

The royal heart of Paris and an art lovers dream, this is where you stay when you want to be a stone's throw from the biggest icons and attractions of Paris, to experience grandeur, royal palaces, elegant shopping, prestigious establishments, opulent bars and dining.
Here lies the Palais Royal, Tuileries Jardin, Louvre Museum, Musee de Arts Decoratifs, Monets Musee de l’Orangerie, designer boutiques on Rue de Rivoli or Rue Saint-Honore, the dazzling Place Vendome, les Bouquinistes (rare print book sellers) along the Seine and crossing Pont Neuf bridge - the oldest bridge in Paris immortalized by artists and poets and 20th Century films - reach Ile de la Cite and Notre Dame Cathedral the finest example of French Gothic architecture built 1163, Sainte Chapelle, Place Dauphine and Square du-vert Galant - one of the nicest places to sit and picnic in Paris. Shaking up all that grandeur is the Le Halles' an urban commercial shopping district and live jazz destination by night.
View our special B&B in the 1st arrondissement 'B&B Monique' -

Le 2ème Arrondissement - MAP

Old world meets modern world in the smallest district of Paris, that feels like a quaint little secret tucked conveniently in the center. It is the business district housing the Bourse (Stock Exchange), Bibliotheque (National Library) and has some the loveliest 19th Century architecture – Place des Victories, Notre Dame des Victories and the Opera Comedique concert hall. Its' highlight is the unmissable historic shopping arcades once used as a thoroughfare for horse and carriage with the most beautifully preserved being Galerie Vivienne.
Find here one of Paris' foodie strips Rue Montorgueil with endless cafes, restaurants, brasseries, the oldest Patisserie in Paris, fresh produce and specialty cheese shops. It is a trendy night spot with hard-to-get-a-seat hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars like Frenchie and Lockwood. The Bonne Nouvelle is a trendy pocket away from tourists - at sundown the boulevard is positively buzzing, as bars brim and spill out onto terraces, queues snake into the streets from theatres and nightclubs offer the chance to ‘faire la fete’ and party, Parisian-style.
Stay in our special private apartment in the 2nd arrondissement 'B&B Martinn' tucked down a traditional courtyard entry, from 163euro per night -


Le 3ème Arrondissement- MAP

The top end of the Marais neighbourhood, known as the Haute-Marais, i.e the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, is a popular and very sought-after neighborhood for the  'yuppies' of Paris. It is one of the oldest parts of the city, with seventeenth-century stone mansions, like the Hôtel Salé housing the Musée Picasso, Musee Carnavalet, and has the oldest covered market in Paris - the Marché des Enfants-Rouges (dating from 1615).  It is known for its gourmet shops and fresh food markets particularly along Rue Bretagne, its' lively and cosmopolitan tucked-away bars like, Le Barav, Candelaria and Little Red Door.  Though it is a sleepy less-obvious part of the popular Marais, it comes with more refinement and exclusivity, cosy brasseries (we love Chez Janou) MANY galleries, art spaces, pop-up fashion shops, local designer and interior decor boutiques like delicious Merci Concept store.
Stay in our studio apartment in this neighbourhood of Paris 'studio Helene' -
Or stay in our beautiful 'Apartment Antonella' -


Le 4ème Arrondissement - MAP

Once the haunt of old nobility and often referred to as the 'old Paris', the Marais neighbourhood i.e the large 4th arrondissement exudes old-world charm yet with modern day functionality right in the city center. It is a picturesque neighbourhood that will have you snapping your camera phone every few seconds thanks to it's dizzying network of narrow winding cobblestone streets lined with 17th Century mansions and buildings restored into residences and museums, secret courtyards and gardens tucked down alleys, provocative galleries and ivy covered boulangeries, iconic zinc bars, meticulously styled aesthetics of painted windowpanes and antique relics, Le Marais was well kept by its once thriving Jewish population (Rue des Rosiers), and its recent incarnation as an LGBTQ hotspot.

Also known as 'the' shopping district (the only area in Paris where shops open on Sundays and roads close to cars) with characterful 2nds stores, and as the best trendiest nightspot. Place des Vosges and the Maisons de Victor Hugo are here and worth a jaw-dropping visit. Finally, an easy walk to the Seine river and the Ile Saint Louis or Ile de la Cite and the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Stay in our guests favourite and highest rated classic B&B in the 4th arrondissement 'B&B Carol' on the Saint Louis Island -


Le 5ème Arrondissement - MAP

The Latin Quarter, 5th arrondissement, is the literary heart of Paris - Hemingways, Stein and Sartre's Paris (to name a few); with cult cafes where the writers, thinkers, artists types dwell. It has a diverse cultural atmosphere and a old-world mythical feel with romantic cobblestone streets, secret passages, gardens, cafes, bars as well as grand boulevards and bustling major cornerstones to lose yourself in.
Find antique stores, bookstores, art galleries and Paris’ oldest passages and restaurants, Place Contrescarpe, Delmas Cafe, the Pantheon and Sorbonne University giving it a healthy student population with a young bohemian feel, eclectic and ethnic eateries geared towards the students, Cluny Medieval Museum, the infamous Rue mouffetard - the oldest/longest pedestrian only gourmet strip with weekly markets alive with musicians and buskers. The chic Odeon and St-Michel nightlife with cocktail bars and Jazz institutions are here and you will recognize many streets from movies such as 'Midnight in Paris' where the 1920s Peugeot pulls up to collect Owen Wilson and infamous bookshop 'Shakespeare and Co. and more. Finally, here lies , the Jardin des Plantes (the Parisians favourite park - an  impressive botanical garden and zoo).
 Stay at 'B&B Brigitte' in the 5th Latin Quarter of Paris -
OR at 'B&B Marine' a private entry B&B suite off the famous Rue Mouffetard - 

Le 6ème Arrondissement - MAP

Considered the most quintessential Parisian neighborhood, is the cosmopolitan 6th - Saint-Germain-des-Pres - next to the Latin-Quarter with a similar mythical feel yet in a more upscale atmosphere with grand boulevards, beautiful alleys, the famous Luxembourg garden and cult posh cafes where Paris’ famous writers frequented (Hemingway, Sartre, Stein) like ‘Cafe de flore’, ‘Brasserie Lipp’ and ‘Deux Magots’.
The bustling Boulevard Saint-Germain runs through the center and is lined with boutiques, boulangeries, cafes, patisseries, wine shops, restaurants, galleries, antique shops, museums, the beautiful Saint-Sulpice church, Le Bon Marche department store with its rare selection of gourmet foods, Cafe Coutume for the best coffees in the city, Musee Delacroix at Place Furstemburg, Le Procope (oldest restaurant in Paris), 'Cours du Commerce Saint Andre' (oldest Paris passage) and the chic Odeon village with its bustling nightlife of jazz and upscale cocktail bars. The Seine river  is approx 10 minutes on foot from most parts of this neighbourhood.
In this neighbourhood of Paris stay in our luxurious historically listed 'Apartment Delphine' -
Or stay 5 mins walk from Cafe de Flore and the Jardin Luxembourg in our 'Apartment Jerome' -

Le 7ème Arrondissement - MAP

One of Paris’ most prestigious residential neighborhoods with minimal crowds in one sense being away from most of the main attractions, yet being home to the most iconic attraction, le Eiffel Tower, means hordes of tourist  around the area, admittedly very prone to hawkers. But if you move an extra few streets away you find the most beautiful upscale exclusive Parisian streets and intimate tranquil burrows bustling with local life, that are anything but touristy,  rather with an air of ‘money’ and richness with conservative Parisians about.  Enjoy sophisticated shopping, pricier bustling street markets where celebrities can be spotted - Rue Cler, prized local shops and charming candle-lit bistrots, antique boutiques and art galleries, there are trendy cafes such as Coutume or classic brasseries like CarmineHotel des Invalides, Musee d’Orsay, Musee Rodin and Musee Quay Branley. No real nightlife in this neighborhood, it is best suited to those looking to enjoy its daytime pleasures and simple quiet nights in local Brasseries or at home. Metro ride to the St-Germain-des-Pres takes only approx 10mins.

Le 8ème Arrondissement - MAP

The 8th arrondissement has 4 distinct flavours. The triangle d’or between the famous Champs Elysees and the Seine – a ritzy area home to the Grand Palais and Petite Palais with chic designer boutiques; the Champs Elysees itself (once a ritzy strip though now we strongly advise staying away from this street that is prone to hawkers, pick-pockets and over-run with teenage 'out of towners'); by contrast the Monceau in the northern part is one of Paris’ exclusive, rich and calm areas with ornate parks and secret gardens and small museums like Musee Jacquemart-Andre; and the east St-Lazare which becomes more ‘populaire’ with department stores and busy CBD stations of incoming and outgoing commuters.

Here find the Arc de Triomphe, Avenue Montaigne and Avenue George V with designer boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Chanel. While the 8th has less to offer tourists than other neighborhoods and is generally quiet after dark, if you stay bordering the 2nd, 9th or 17th it is a beautiful and convenient location to reach the rest of Paris' main sights.

Le 9ème Arrondissement - MAP

The Parisians preference, the perfect snugly tucked midway point between the 1st, 2nd arrondissements (Louvre, Tuleries) and the 18th (Montmartre village) where it is discreet and charming and off the regular tourist routes, by passed by developers, and ‘thank goodness’ for that, because it remains a very central yet untouched beautifully authentic, quiet, safe village of Paris. Preserved almost intact early 19th Century architecture, neo-gothic architecture, charming courtyards, untouched zinc bars and a timeless Parisian air, a stroll here is a simultaneous journey through old and contemporary Paris, sprinkled with exquisite and surprising secret corners and little-know museums along the way.

Here lies the Paris Opera Garnier, famed Le Bouillon Chartier restaurant, Galleries Lafayette and Printemps department stores with rooftop restaurants, bars and panoramic city views, the Musee de la vie Romantique and its secret garden cafe, Musee Gustav Moreau, Rue des Martyrs - another street lined with gourmet shops, fruit shops, cafes, patisseries and trendy coffee shops, with a more local feel; and finally the redlight district and nightlife near Pigalle.
In this wonderful authentic part of Paris stay in our 2 level 'B&B Elisabeth' offering 3 guest bedrooms -
Or stay in our bright and beautiful B&B Helene -
But if a B&B with a jaw-dropping view is what you are after, then we highly recommend 'B&B Isabelle' -


Le 10ème Arrondissement - MAP

Best known for the Canal Saint Martin and its surrounding vibrant restaurants, cafes and nightclubs, the 10th is an eclectic multicultural neighbourhood populated by the ‘bobo’ (bourgeois and bohemian) working class residents of Paris. Parisians picnic along the Canal banks and on Sundays the streets along the canal are shut to cars and locals enjoy strolls, bike riding or running through here, or simply shopping. This is a very family friendly spot in Paris, though by night the Canal area is very lively with bars and nightclubs.It is one the trendy ‘new’ Paris neighbourhoods and has the award winning 'best boulangerie' of Paris - Du Pain et des Idees.

In the south is a very commercial, multicultural area, where you find little India and little Africa, some Jazz venue institutions. Populated by the ‘bobo’ (bourgeois and bohemian) working class residents of Paris.

Le 11ème Arrondissement - MAP

Densely populated and funky is the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Home to the well known Place de la Bastille and the colourful Faubourg Saint-Antoine; this is an area characterized by its edgy style, quirky manga shopping, street art and rowdy nightlife as it offers a disproportionate number of the cities hippest bars and clubs. Rue Oberkampf is party central complete with gritty Parisian charm. It is the place to mingle with locals in casual, cool eating and drinking establishment, to listen to local musicians and bands especially traditional gypsy jazz.

Here you will also find Boulevard Richard Lenoir and Place de La Bastille and its lively markets (one of the largest on a sunday in Paris) and it is generally a short and easy walk to reach the Marais and the Seine river.
In this bohemain part of Paris, stay in our charming 'B&B Bruno' with guests private entry area with bedroom, bathroom and lounge room with Bastille and Montmartre views, breakfast served daily -


Le 12ème Arrondissement - MAP

There is no Eiffel, Chanel or Louvre in the 12th. This is where the Parisians actually live their lives! It is best understood and explored more as a Parisian might. Take a walk along the Promenade Plantee - the elevated old railway track that was once abandoned and now renovated into a glorious garden track that leads all the way out to Bois de Vincennes (a walker or runners 12km paradise); explore furniture makers, jewelers, fabric designers, have a drink at Bercy village, shop fruit and veggies at the open markets.
For a memorable stay in this neighbourhood of Paris, stay in our charming 'Apartment Joel' on the famous colourful Rue Crimeux -

Le 13ème Arrondissement - MAP

A curiously diverse section of Paris that feels both close and far-off to the center and another less obvious destination resulting in significantly lesser crowds but more opportunities for richer experiences to deepen your knowledge of the city and Parisian life. There is nothing more Parisian than the shops around Rue Tolbiac and the old-world charm of the Butte aux Cailles - the lesser known Parisian hilltop neighborhood is an isolated lovely village. This is somewhere to stay when you want to escape the 'typical' and be immersed in quiet true Paris village with just a few streets with small houses on a hill. Smaller and less picturesque than Montmartre therefore it belongs all the more to the locals.

Le 14ème Arrondissement - MAP

The least populated arrondissement the 14th, comprising the legendary Montparnasse district, once home to a lively arts and literature scene in the roaring 1920's, the 14th arrondissement has a lot to offer. It is a quiet and charming area with some of the cities most beautiful 'hidden' streets, pedestrian only historic passages hard to come by such as Rue Thermopyles, and Cite Bauer, outdoor markets, the BEST Flea Market (in our opinion) in all Paris - the unpretentious locals type with antique fashion, decor and other priceless goodies for very affordable prices - Marche aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves.
Also find the Tour Montparnasse - skyscraper with panoramic 360degree city views, iconic cafes like La Coupole, Le Montparnasse, La Rotonde and Le Dome where artists and intellectuals once resided (Picasso, Satre, Hemingway and Chagall) boasting a very ‘avant-garde’ scene, the Catacombs, Montparnasse Cemetary, Parc Monsouris, and a number of open-air markets and small museums.

Le 15ème Arrondissement - MAP

Relatively uncharted, the 15th is a quiet and unassuming neighborhood with charming nooks and residential streets, the Georges Brassens park with rare print book markets in weekends and the Convention Centre de Paris. Surprisingly it has the largest population out of all 20 neighborhoods. Discover the most bustle around markets and shops, a plethora of ethic eateries and wonderful views of the Eiffel Tower from various points. Though do no underestimate the area – It is on the rise with trendy new cafes, and coffee shops and still enjoys its own more peaceful Parisian village life.
Stay in our Eiffel Tower view B&B in the 15th, 'B&B' Odile offers 3 perfect guestrooms each with private bathroom and each with balconies and Eiffel Tower views. An art lovers home, this family feel dwelling will make you feel right at home, from 155euro per night including breakfasts -

Le 16ème Arrondissement - MAP

Also known as ‘Passy’ home to affluent Parisians, opulent 19thC architecture world-class museums and upscale shops, the 16th has the reputation for being the richest. It is home to the Bois-de-Boulogne – the second largest public park in the city with beautiful lakes, ponds, gardens, cafe, a japanese garden, and in summer open-air cinemas under the stars.
Stay in our Petite Paris 'B&B Christophe' for an absolutely truly deluxe B&B experience -

Le 17ème Arrondissement - MAP

The most family friendly neighborhood of Paris, known as the ‘green’ arrondissement of Paris, with the beautiful 'La Batignolles' area - a wealthy area littered with parks, gardens and spaces in which to take a stroll or takes the kids to numerous play dates; and most charming area is the Epinettes district that dates back to 1847 that features small houses and gardens alongside narrow streets with a Provincial feel. The areas surrounding Avenue de Clichy offers plenty of restaurants, wine bars, cafes and interesting shops. Montmartre village is an easy walk from most of the 17th.

Le 18ème Arrondissement - MAP

Known as Montmartre, the 18th is the enchanting old-world charming and very typical village where artists still work on their mural sin the open streets, where you will feel like a local; and be treated like one too.  It is the ideal place to experience a ‘village’ atmosphere maintained since the 1950's and a very artistic vibe. Get happily lost in its famous beautiful cobblestone streets, lane-ways and hilly and steep stairwells that take you to magnificent vistas, passing along the way secret gardens, parks, and hidden nook cafes and bars.  Like a little Provence in Paris which freestanding historic country-style mansions(see Villa Leandre), the beautiful little last vineyard in Paris at Clos Montmartre and secret courtyard garden cafes (Hotel Particulier garden cafe). Also enjoy traditional markets, famous cabarets (Lapin Agile and the Moulin Rouge), sip endless coffees and creme-du-brulee's at the Amelie Cafe des Deux Moulins and shop the boutiques along Rue Abbesses where you can pick up crispy croissants and baguettes in some of Paris' best boulangeries.

Here lies the Sacre Coeur Basilica boasting panoramic views, and Place du Tertre square, Montmartre Museum, Montmartre cemetary and more.
Stay in our FAVOURITE private apartment in Paris, the delicious 2 bedroom 'Apartment Lisette' right across from Lamarck Metro station, moments walk to all the beautiful Montmartre sights, cafes and shops at your door - from  139euro per night -
Or stay in our tranquil sunny 'Apartment James' right across from the Sace Coeur Basilica from 110euro per night -

Le 19ème Arrondissement - MAP

Once considered the most rough and rumpled neighbourhoods of Paris the 19th is today an up-and-coming multicultural community with art spaces showcasing local artists exhibitions, converted railways are now garden cafes and community centres, as this area has undergone major urban renewal and now is a lively place this is still developing and changing but essentially has a real grass-roots village feel and way about it. Ideal for creatives! The Canal Saint Denis, Parc des Buttes Chaumont and Parc de la villette are the interesting natural man-made geographical features of the 19th arrondissement, with the Butte Chaumont the most beautiful park with sweeping city views and terraces cafe/bars. Here you will also find the Science and Industry museum, the Exhibition Center and the Conservatoire de Paris one of the top music schools in the world.

Le 20ème Arrondissement - MAP

Known as 'Menilmontant', this is a uniquely and authentic Paris village with lots of diversity and culture, all the cafes, bars, brasseries, patisseries, yet it is unlike any other neighborhood in the city. It is on one hand and in one part a little Provence within Paris with gorgeous little streets, and on the other hand in complete contrast  being an ethnic and multicultural and arty neighborhood it is also a gritty urban colorful area where most of Paris' street art is found, as well as hole-in-the-wall unpretentious rustic cafes and bars. This area provides plenty of opportunities to 'live like a Parisian'. The famous Pere Lachaise Cemetery is also here - where many famous French and international figures are buried, and the best of North and West African cultures.

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Love from Paris xo Studio on SALE !!

What our Guests are saying...

"Our stay at Helene’s (Studio in Paris) was excellent, and thank you for suggesting we stay there.  Her apartment was so interesting, and gave us an insight into her life and interests. Helene was most helpful when we arrived, as well as keeping in contact during our stay. So overall a great stay and I would recommend your service and this apartment to others".


This STUDIO on
Now to March 2017

ONLY 110euro
per night for 2

includes breakfasts

See this B&B in full details on our website - CLICK HERE

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Love from Petite Paris xx

What our Guests are saying...

Robyn stayed at Gisele's Marais B&B Paris #308

"Our apartment was very centrally located in the Marais District, between 2 metro entrances; literally a 3 minute walk to the Pompidou Centre; there was a short bus ride that took you to the Opera; there were restaurants and bars within walking distance. We walked to the Musee d'Orsay which took about 50 minutes, and it was a pleasant walk.


Our room had 2 single, comfortable beds with a small ensuite; it was light and we had access to the lounge area and the dining room where we were served breakfast each morning (included in the rate), which consisted of fresh fruit (a different variety each morning), juice, tea/coffee, cheese, baguette and croissants. There was also a large bottle of water left in our room each day. Laundry facilities were offered, but we didn’t take advantage of same.

Our host, Gisele, was delightful and she had a grasp of the English language and was able to provide us with the information asked of her. The apartment is located on the 5th floor and has an elevator; it is secure, safe and clean. There is a double room which is larger and also has an ensuite. There is no air conditioning but we asked for a fan and it was provided. The apartment is located on rue Beaubourg, which is a main street, which the twin room overlooks. With the fan we were able to close the windows and shutters and the room was quite comfortable. Given the hotel rates in Paris, I thought it was value for money (inclusive of all taxes, services and fees) and I would recommend it".


See this B&B in full details on our website - CLICK HERE

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NEW Marais Paris Apartment BOOKING NOW for 2017

BOOKING NOW for 2017

NEW Apartment
Apartment #511

1 bedroom self contained and fully equipped private apartment in the heart of Paris, walking distance to all main attractions. Lounge with TV and cable, phone, open kitchen with all utensils and  equippment, Free wifi, washer, air/heat.
Location: 3eme le Marais

Rate: 289euro per night for up to 3 guests
Weekly: 1859euro
* includes welcome bottle of French wine
* excludes Christmas and New Year period to 3rd Jan

CLICK HERE for full B&B details
Enquire/Book HERE

Sunday, December 4, 2016

NEW PARIS APARTMENT booking now 2017!

NEW PARIS  Apartment
Catherine's Apartment #503

Two bedroom spacious stylish private self contained apartment, in the St Germain/Tour Eiffel upscale and luxurious neighbourhood, moments from famous Rue Cler cafe strip and fresh markets. This home offers all amenities, lounge wth TV, cable, phone, separate kitchen fully equipped,  1 double and 1 single bedroom, bathroom/shower, wifi, heat/air, washer.
(Location: 7eme le Eiffel)

Rate: 239euro per night for up to 3 guests
Weekly: 1150euro
Monthly: 2999euro

* includes welcome bottle of French wine
* excludes Christmas and New Year period to 3rd Jan

CLICK HERE for full B&B details
Enquire/Book HERE

Christmas in Paris + Sale B&Bs and Apartments!

Merry Christmas from Petite Paris

Joyeux Noël

As the Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris drops its annual Christmas tree 'centrepiece' for 2016 (for the first time entirely made of paper), we're dropping some LAST MINUTE WINTER B&B and apartment SALES and NEW Apartments available for 2017. All featured below - keep scrolling :)

but FIRST...

Merci - THANK YOU... all our lovely guests who stayed in a Petite B&B this year. We are utterly grateful for your support as a boutique independent service where booking service and quality of homes are most important. We will continue to handpick all our homes and offer a personalised booking service in 2017. Because that is what true B&B hospitality is all about!

NOW to March 2017

Click HERE to see the list of SALE B&B's
 EMAIL US for enquiries and bookings!

Helene's Studio #89
(Location: 3eme, Marais)

WAS 134euro p/night for2 guests

SALE Rate: 110euro (Nov - March 2017)
* includes welcome bottle of French wine
* excludes Christmas and New Year period to 3rd Jan

CLICK HERE for full B&B details
Enquire/Book HERE

Odile's B&B#357
(Location: 15eme, Tour Eiffel)

WAS 169euro p/night for2 guests
SALE Rate: 119euro (Nov - March 2017)
* includes breakfast & welcome bottle of French wine
* excludes Christmas and New Year period to 3rd Jan

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Carol's B&B#242
(Location: 4eme, Ile Saint Louis)

WAS 109euro p/night for2 guests
SALE Rate: 169euro (Nov - March 2017)
* includes breakfast & welcome bottle of French wine
* excludes Christmas and New Year period to 3rd Jan

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Enquire/Book HERE