Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Child and Access Friendly B&Bs in Paris

Our latest Paris press release!

Paris with Kids … and Lifts!
Introducing a ‘Petite Paris’ selection of Baby/Child Friendly B&B’s
and Access Friendly B&Bs!

Petite Paris now has over 18 B&Bs that are baby and young child friendly. Families too, can partake of the intimate B&B home-style accommodation that Petite Paris offers. Some of which are family households themselves, offering a variety of fun services such as home cooked meals, art classes, language lessons and even one child-minding service!

Our new search facility makes finding B&Bs that accept babies and children easy! They are offered In various arrangements; cribs, beds and/or mattresses depending on the B&B and at various costs starting with FREE …for the really itty bitty ones!

For guests on the mature side of life (or for those that are less mobile)…we now have a listing of ground floor only B&Bs and those with lift access only.

Petite Paris has made searching for a Paris apartment a little more personalised to suit the various needs and demands of our Australian guests, young and old!

Baby Friendly
One of our accommodating hosts is William at B&B369, offering a baby bed for FREE for babies up to 3 yrs and a small additional 20euro per night for children up to 10 yrs. View Williams B&B here!

Genevieve’s B&B is in the 7th arrondissement, home of the Eiffel tower, she offers child minding services for couples who want a night out on the town at 10euro per hr. View Genevieve’s B&B here:

View all 18 B&Bs on the Child Friendly page here!

Access friendly
We’re never going to solve the space/access issue that is Paris! So we’ve tried to make it easier to find the 28 B&Bs we have that are most easily accessible, into one search page. Most Paris apartments have no lifts (unless renovated in the last 10 years) and are all extremely compact. For the less mobile or elderly we suggest this list (as well as entering the apartment easily we’ve also considered the design of the interiors i.e. no loft-style, split level, mezzanine B&Bs here).

View the Access Friendly page here:

For media enquiries or booking enquiries contact Regina Ferreira at Petite Pr at info@petitepr.com.au or phone: +61 410 716 930

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Summer in Paris

Summer transforms Paris!! To all our guests who have booked their summer in Paris...enjoy Paris Plages as the banks of the seine will be yet again be transformed into temporary sandy beaches with Palm trees brought in, deckchairs, ubiquitous ice cream sellers, and concerts for French and foreign guests! :)

i love the seine life

lets play the Paris Game...

...it goes "if i were in paris right now where would I be?" ... 

I'd be a total Owen Wilson in the movie  'midnight in paris' and frequenting any of hemingway's cafe haunts, trying to feel intellectual and parisian HAHAHA! One very cosy cafe i loved for its atmosphere was Les Pres aux Clerc, on rue bonapartre a stunning historic area in the St Germain des Pres, perfect people watching, quintessentially old world paris!

See more of Hemingway's cafes on Parisien Salon: 

Paris apartment for 6!

Who needs a Paris apartment with 3 bedrooms? 6 people = 368euro per night WHOAAA yes but - that's just 61euro each. PLUS group discount!!! I dare you to try find a hotel for that price!! :D
This B&B apartment is in the 11th - the bustling Bastille!! 
Have a look at the description here:  http://www.petiteparis.com.au/382_Rebecca_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html

Friday, February 24, 2012

Paris for Lunch

Bonjour Petite Friends. It's 2.30pm and I havent had lunch yet. Looks like im going to work straight through AGAIN; picking away at an emergency (don't have time to step away from le bureau) stash off tuna and crackers at my desk! If I were in Paris, I would eat at:

Le Comptoir (5th) 
For: the most delicious and innovative menu and quintessential Parisian bistro atmosphere where waiters do not speaks english - or franglish!

Les Philosophes (3rd)
For: the trendy people watching in this hip neoghbourhood, coolness factor

La Sancerre (7th or 18th)
For: an old fashion wine bar/ cosy family run and super friendly atmosphere with delicious home style cooking. and for the gourmet food store.

Laduree (3rd and 5th)
For: because you just have to! Its iconic, full of tourists and expensive! But its yum!

Cafe constant (7th)
For: a surprise! About as casual as a Parisian cafe can get, its a dreary dank atmosphere that suddenly bursts to life, full of people with cafe food that is restaurant quality!


Chez Prune (10th)
For: for the arty bobo atmosphere, hearty food at decent prices right on the saint martin canal one of the most tranquil and picturesque spots in Paris.

Le Deux Moulins (the amelie cafe 18th)
For: to crack a creme brulee with the back of your spoon! 1 <3 u amelie!!! 

Frenchie (2nd)
For: being able to gloat about the fact that you actually 'go in'!! Famous little French eatery 

Les Ombres: (6th)
For: look at the photo...

Chez Hanna: (3rd)
For: the best felafel, in a bustling fun environment mingling with locals

Ok the time spend blogging this post I think I could have gone out to get a real lunch! *crunch...makes the sound of my cracker mmmmmmm 

Bonne journee

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

antique window shopping in Paris

Parisian chic on a budget? then visit the fabulous Saint Ouen flea market...antique HEAVEN!! actually maybe NOT so budget !! but better than buying antiques from a boutique. Get up early, grab a coffee and takeaway baguette and head to the Nth of Paris ... stroll through this magical maze of antique stall after antique stall...amazing!!! (metro stop: Porte de clignancourt)
...birdie tells me some parisian hotels often have secret sales in their basements when they are refurbishing...imagine the amazing pieces you would find there!! Though likely still expensive and you probably have to be an 'insider-sider' (LOL) to hear about them :) ok who do i have to kill! still it's nice to dream so here you go :) ...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

polka dot paris

one of my favourite B&B lounge rooms!!...yes its might look small and 'nothing special' but sometimes its the understated less extravagant homes that capture me... and I cant say exactly why or what it is... but this one's def cosy ... and i think it has something to do with that little polka dot chaise with the purple legs over there... ha!!
 See the rest of the apartment here...here...or HERE!  (oh gosh i think i'm in my insane mood again)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love Letters for Genevieve - Paris B&B268

Bonjour friends! Here is a little list of notes and quotes from some of our guests who have stayed and loved Genevieve's place - B&B268 in the Marais! We're trying to keep the website updated with these guest reviews which its a tough tedious gig, so in the meantime we'll post them all here on le blog :) (under the Guestbook label) xx

o   They were very generous with their time.

o   Lovely people. Very welcoming and attentive. 

o   Very comfortable. 

o   The beds were made while we had breakfast!  

o   The bathroom was kept very clean.   

o   A wonderful breakfast and beautifully presented. 

o   We have stayed in many Bed and Breakfasts in Europe and the states.  Your website is the best I've seen.

o   The room was beautiful and spacious.  Good lighting for reading, which is not always the case. Very well appointed.  Great location. 

o   Our highest recommendation is that we would stay there again.

o   Genevieve and Jean-Claude were really generous

o   My husband and I and a wonderful stay at Genevieve and Jean-Claude's! They are a very nice couple, very friendly, very informative.....and so on.

o   Breakfast was a true delight!I miss it still!

o   Would recommend this B&B to anybody!

o   And the Marais is such a quaint neighborhood!

o   We loved our time in Paris and hopefully we'll be back soon!

o   Best part of the day! I just couldn't wait for breakfast time to come! Wonderful!

o   The hosts, the location, the house, breakfast....

o   Wonderful place, wonderful people!

Merci toute le monde!!
To see Genevieve's amazing B&B online with full description, photo gallery and rates visit our petite paris website here.