Friday, August 27, 2010

Rose-Mary & Thierry's NEW Parisian Pad!!

It definitely IS a celebratory month this September!! Not only will we be going LIVE - alleluia alleluia - but Rose-Mary and Thierry, one of our tres coolest Parisian couples and Bed & Breakfast hosts, have bought  a brand new apartment only minutes away from their other amazing Bed & Breakfast in Montmartre. And this new apartment not only has all the style and taste that the old one has, but it is unhosted!! Not that staying at a hosted apartment is a negative god no!! But we understand alot of people really do just want complete independence and privacy while travelling. Plus who wouldnt want a whole parisian apartment to themselves where they can really play out their make-believe fantasty of 'i am parisian and this is my home' :) ha

We are very happy to be offering both Rose-Mary and Thierry's 2 quaint apartments. Right off you can see the similar style and decorating theme...when it works, it works right! Plus Rose and Thierry are artists with a natural flair for interior decorating. So welcome to their NEW pad: hope you like it!! (location and prices are below)


candles and flowers and little finishing touches feel homely


picture perfect :)

these jars wouldn't be full if I were there. i have not yet mastered the french art of 'restraint'...

an unexpected twist in the decor?!!




1 person: 120 euro per night
2 persons: 130 euro per night
3 persons: 158 euro per night
4 persons: 258 euro per night

18th arrondissement: Rue Danremont.

Our B&B map, blog n stuff

Hi friends,
Just a wee reminder that you can use our blog to find where there may be some Bed & Breakfasts in your favourite Parisian neighbourhood. By going to the Map link (underneath the heading) - click to enlarge - and have a little looksy. Ok so don't get too excited ... it's just a simple nothing map which is no more than an X marks the spot kinda guide. But the map also shows the arrondissement each B&B is in and theeeen if you look in our links column, you'll see a listing of arrondissements 1 through to 20. Ok I lie, it's more like 1, 7, 9, 13 and 18 only. But i'll get there...I have started posting descriptions and photos of each B&B apartment and tagged them according to neighbourhood. Just so ya know... :)

A nice Spring time in Paris photo just for you :)


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New 'Petite' Apartment

Hi Paris lovers :) A couple of exciting bits of info...
1. Our website is complete and after I take one last inspection it will be UP ND RUNNING!! somebody crack open the vuerve clicquot!! :)
2. While in Paris 4 weeks ago *sigh* - amongst a whirlwind of sightseeing, cafe couching, speed shopping and musee meandering, we somehow found time to secure NEW Bed & Breakfast apartments. 2 to be exact. Which takes our B&B apartments up to a total of 55. AND 4 more that are still currently pending but which should come through any day now.
3. Its spring time weather in sydney...ok so that has nothing to do with anything 'Paris' but worthy of a hurrrah I think :)

Here are some images and info, of one of our fabulous new B&B apartments: I hope you like it. Let me know what you think? (i'll post the second one soon too)

Apartment #363 - Sabrina's place!!
Location: 1st arrondissement
Price: 100 euro per night / 2 people: 119 euro per night.

Ideally located, Sabrina’s B&B is in the heart of Paris in the 1st arrondissement, very close to the Louvre Museum and the Tuileries Gardens. Very smart with old oak wooden flooring and typical  french moulds on the ceiling, it offers an independent guest room with windows opening on a quiet internal yard, which guarantees you quiet nights.

It's located on the first floor of an haussmann building, this apartment is typically Parisian. You will be charmed by the mix of styles and colours throughout. 

Furniture all purchased at the antique flea markets, the 18th century mixed with baroque and contemporary.

Your bedroom is very independent with privacy and comfort. The doors open out onto the hall, facing the bathroom.

It's 15m2 wide and offers a double bed and windows open onto an internal courtyard.

Sabrina wanted the bedroom to be very simple, with white walls and only a few key pieces and frames to create a neutral atmosphere so guests feel at home.

There is an antique dresser, a chair, television set and documents on Paris (including maps and guides)

There is only 1 bathroom which must be shared with Sabrina but as the guest you always have priority. It is decorated with bright colours and much taste. 

Extra info: Breakfast is served by Sabrina in the dining room (see first 2 images). It is typically french: warm drinks (tea, coffee, warm milk of chocolate), orange juice, butter, jams, baguette and croissants (or brioches and chocolate croissants) 

Au revoir xxx

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Paris Apartment 104

Bonjour. As promised here are photographs of the lovely little Bed & Breakfast Apartment where I lay my little head each night in Paris. I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I left. Feels waaay to long!!
Anyway this is one of about 60 apartments on the Petite Paris B&B roster and I really loved it...

la cuisine = the kitchen. There was something about this kitchen that made me fall in love with it, and sitting in the teeny nook/cranny/corner bench squished against the wall on one side, the table in front and everything else within half an arms length, this is where you would find me whenever I came home...

it was the whiteness, the freshness, the teeny but character filled and quaintness of la cuisine that i loved. so french, so parisien, so chic. Simple.

family photos, interesting little bits and bobs and a little window letting the sunshine in

books stacked from floor to ceiling on all walls in the open entry area - this is my heaven!! Ps this is the bathroom door

and when you open the door...

and at night when you create a romantic candlelit atmosphere :)

La chambre = the bedroom

A wonderful bedroom - SO roomy and lovingly decorated, great french doors opening onto a small balcony overlooking the champs de mars. Yes thats right there is nothing between the building and our view and the eiffel tower. We had prime position - it was magnificent..

we slept in comfort on hundred of pillows - almost

There's deni...on is laptop, which i could never understand why. Regi says: 'Hey deni, look outside, there's a whole Paris out there'... :)

Tea anyone?

figures and chairs everywhere - of all sorts, rockers, wicker, stools...

and THE view. Oh my!!

by night, even better. Sipping on champagne looking up at those lights!!!

The building exterior and the looming eiffel tower.

So there you have it. My little B&B in the 7th arrondissement. 
When the website is FINALLY up here will be a full descriptor on this Apartment in Paris. But for now here's the cost to rent for your next Parisian holiday:
1 person: 125euro per night
2 persons: 140euro per night
3 nights minimium

Have a wonderful Saturday dear friends xxx