Monday, May 31, 2010

goblins, ghouls and gargoyles

Bonsoir mes amies. It was a full moon a couple of nights ago and admiring the incandescent sphere is the sky got me thinking about mythical and mystical lands, curious characters, black magic, black cats walking across creaky front porches, superstitions, spells and hexes. It reminded me of one of our Paris apartments….

Welcome to the house of goblins, ghouls, and gargoyles. Wizards, fairies and angels. oh and cherubs. It’s a mystical gothic (with a capital 'g') extravaganza at Herve and Francoise’s unusual Parisian apartment in Montmartre. I fell in love instantly with the theatrical element to this heavily decorated apartment. Not a single space has been left ‘undressed’ – not even the ceiling. And especially the lounge room.

Celtic mood lighting. Tall wrought iron candelabra.

Wrought iron dining table with marble top, red leather medieval chairs.

J'adore bronze wizard, little cherubs and masks.

Animated gothic marks
Knoble carved wizard high up on the lounge wall has ALL the spells.

A superb reading corner ideal for falling asleep book in lap.

Here is the hallway. Jewelled with dark gothic memorabilia collected by Herve and Francoise on their many travels, Herve's paintings and various plants and florals, photo frames, mirrors, toys and trinkets.

A celtic wrought iron cross/lollie bowl.

Never a dull moment here

Deep red fabric creates a framed alcove around the antique gold mirror. The medieval wall lamps are the perfect touch

and just when you think you've seen it all. You look up and see more...

Little gremlins and trolls are lurking everywhere...

Entree le chambre

Antique wood dresser, gold detailing and marble top.

Cherubs are the theme of le chambre

Even on the bedding..

Paintings, murels, frames and taperstries cover the bedroom head to toe.

Angel dream catcher wishing you a peaceful nights rest above your head

The Lord's prayer written 'in micmac' hangs on the wall. I have no idea what micmac means but it fits.

I have a fasinaction with strange clown paintings so I love this. Something about it I could stare at for hours.

A bit of light reading 'Lady Cottington's pressed fairy letters' - what else.

'Paris Mysterieux'

Au revoir mes amies.

Sending you all fairy wishes and blessings.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

decorating Aline's

This is Aline's place in paris. She has done a marvellous job decorating her small 'pied-a-terre' into a bright open home. In aline's kitchen find yellow joy, happiness and optimism. Decorated with a sense of childish enthusiasm and fun.

Fluro ceiling and canary walls compliment and exaggerate the brilliant sunlight streaming through the large windows. It invokes such imagination doesn't it?!

An eclectic mix of old and new. And old new. The antique crystal chandelier is stunning.

a palette of colour DIY wall shelf. Coffee anyone?

Toning things way down in the dining area. Is this the same apartment?

Breakfast is served. Note the beautifully selected beige chaise beyond with the polka dot cushions. and the art deco chest topped with silver antiquities; silver tea and coffee serving set, photo frames, a flask, a lamp candelabras and other interesting bits and bobs.

fancy a view? The terrace is spacious and panoramic.

Aline's home is in the 13th arrondissement - on rue du Chevaleret directly facing the Bibliotheque Francoise Mitterand library and close to Cour Saint Emilion and the latin quarter.

Ornate, intimate and highly decorative bedding in the guest bed room with a plush pillow extravaganza in burgundy, purples, gold and creams; in satins and velvets and floral print sheets. Aline is a perfectionist with style and uses Kenzo and Sonia Rykiel linens.

Light apple green walls and a complimenting ornate stained glass mirror in greens and yellows. A wooden panel behind the bed and a 1930's antique lamp.

Sheer red drapes for the large French doors opening onto the terrace creates warmth.

There is enough room for a grey pier-table with a beautiful lamp and a chair to sit and enjoy the sun with a small lamp so you can read.

Aline loves pillows. You find them popping up everywhere.

The terrace is protected by a white and green window blind which gives it a mediterranean appeal. Equipped with a table and 2 chairs for you relaxation and breakfast of the weather is fine.

A fantasy theatrical looking pier table.

sits beneath this circle mirror on le mur

More pillows...bien sur

I adore this living room. Its got that certain pizzazz!! Aline has done a fabulous job creating this homely cosy atmosphere using art deco furniture - a style Aline loves - mixed with modern pieces of furniture as well as a few african and colonial art pieces. Its a festival of design and culture. So much to see and admire.

My eye keeps falling on the dainty petite seat next to the TV - upholstered in cream polka dot fabric and matching polka dot pillows.
The one red apple perched atop the green ornamental bowl on the small coffee table.
And the 2 matching chaise seaters and of course more pillows in emeralds, leopard prints, damask and more.

In summer there is a lovely rose-tree that blossoms as well as geraniums and pour-pier flowers. A deck chair and cushions are added in summer for you to enjoy this petit floral oasis.

There she is!! Hi Aline, we love your paris apartment!!