B&B Map

Congratulations on finding your way to our B&B blog map. 
Because maps are awesome. 
And so are our B&B's. 
So is google. 
And so are little pink bed and sleeping people icons.
And you are awesome for finding it.
And its awesome that it's awesome.
And its awesome thats it's awesome that it's awesome...

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Poke one little pink person in their little pink bed with your curser. They don’t like being woken up this way but unfortunately they are narcoleptic and sleep pretty much always. Even poking them won’t get them out of bed, but if you do, they will at least yawn out the name and number of their B&B palace before retreating back into slumber. If any irritated swearing occurs (i.e ##@$errorcode##@!) please remember they have an incurable sleeping disorder and how would you feel if you were permanently pink? In this case, give them a minute and give them another nudge. If they continue to swear, (or play-dead), refusing to give you any information just keep poking the stubborn little sloths. When they are obliging (yes some ARE morning people…even if they don’t know when morning IS), you will find that they will ‘get directions’, ‘search nearby’, ‘zoom’ or open their window to give you a ‘street view’.  They’re up now…