Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Paris Week 1 - April 2014

Bonjour! We are IN PARIS!! :)

Oui Petite Paris is blogging, posting, working and living (loving) from the City of lights. We are here for 2 long beautiful months...And already the first week is done! aaaah, somebody hit the 'slow-mo' button please.

Follow our facebook page for daily posts from the city, posting news, secret finds, beautiful images we capture and all our B&B apartment finds and of all our guests into home.


Here is this week is quick review....

April 22 - J'arrive a Paris :) 

...and it's straight to aperitif hour, Salut Paris and Sante Starting fresh a demain... or maybe we'll have a day to R&R to begin our summer of work in Paris ... @ Le Fumoir

April 23 - spending a day in le apartment catching up on all our booking emails and enquiries during transit. this is la fenetre @ our paris abode! j'adore our little courtyard sunny haussmann view. Petite Paris @ home in Paris for the next 2 months weeeeeee!!!

After a day of serious indoor working, its time for a night of serious outdoor walking. @ Montmartre, Paris. my village. my midnight walks, cobble stoned dance, un Kir, un, vin rouge, peutetre un crepe. *  I'm 'Haaappy...!!!

April 24Paris, i am ready!! All caught up, jet lag gone and ready to explore discover more B&Bs apartments and city secrets and new places We will be sharing all. But first things first, reacquainting myself, reigniting the affair with my neighbourhood @ Montmartre. And as routine, it starts with a very early morning walk, before the crowds or even locals are about and my eye is on the Sacre Coeur. Bliss morning moments. Paris I am ready for you!! happy day everyone.

my montmartre landmark. the point at rue lepic and rue abbesses, the point of indecision, the point i come to when i can either go left to go home or go right for another round of the hood.

 Paris day 1  - A Montmartre Montage
* when you have been to a city so many times you try to find new corners to capture...but sometimes you just cant help but go back to the classic old sights and mounlin, la consulat cafe but we hope there are some newbies in here for you all..= Merci for following us in Paris. bisous

April 25 waking up on rue Lamarck. LOVE!! Bonjour tout le monde, ready for day 2 of Petite in Paris?!

first things first. Gontran Cherrier Boulanger for brioche and coffee. I love the Paris life of early rises, boulangerie moments, fun Petite apartment work, more boulangeries, street walking and aperitifs, shopping, museums, musique and more beautiful paris work that is not work. Loving Paris mmm Brioche.

 fraises are in season. the brightness vibrant colors you cant resist, its more than the streets that tempt and allure you, its the fresh produce teasing you as you try to walk by... @ Rue Lepic

dusk time and im heading downtown down the montmartre hill...leaving my montmartre pour un nuit, time to indulge in the glitz of the st germain eve

a few from day Paris. some more final snippets of sweet Paris from aujourd'hui... it was a day of fine french delights... discovering Livarot cheese, the petit market near Les Halles and an amazing gorgeous historic deli with fine interiors to match a fine selection of pates, frois gras and more gourmandises @ Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie - 34 rue Montmartre. Foodies go here !!
* Paris day 2
— at Le comptoir de la gastronomie

April 26 - I am up with the Paris Sun. Bonjour c'est Samedi. Enjoy le weekend tout le monde 
every morning starts in montmartre. quaint utterly picturesque and cute corners of my little montmartre. i love this parisian life

a day at the louvre love. only Paris can be this beautiful this grey

aujourd'hui a Paris, day 3! Wine and work from our haussman heaven and an afternoon walk in Montmartre to reward our hard work. Many Paris apartment enquires and bookings for summer and fall. If you are coming to Paris this year, book your perfect apartment now We are enjoying and loving Paris but also 100% in booking mode. everyone should experience Paris in a real Paris home...Real Paris experience start in real Paris

pink fairyfloss and blue sky nights in Paris. More of Paris Day 3. Or Night 3 rather... La Seine and Hôtel de Ville, Paris

April 27 - mornings will always be in montmartre, because that's where petite paris lives / loves. hope thats ok. morning walk. Bonjour dreamy dimanche, Welcome Paris Day 4 ... the plan, a walk along St Martins Canal, coffee Ten Belles, brunch Café Charlot, le Marais for Crêperie Paris Breizh, and perhaps a sunset in the Seine with wine, bread, cheese, street music to our ears and pink sky magic.. happy day!!

j'arrive Canal St. Martin a relaxing dawdling dimanche starts here

le sandwich lunch love et coffee Ten Belles mmmmm

catch glimpses of the sun setting from the streets of le marais (again)

la carte la confusion. i want it all. dinner in le marais.. @ Camille Cafe Restaurant

April 28 -waking up in haussmann heaven. bonjour monday 
It's going to be a big week for us at Petite Paris...serious Paris apartment searches, inspections, booking guests into our superb homes, digging deep into the Parisian culture, for the petite livre noir (little black book) to be created shortly (eBook) stay tuned. For now, enjoy the facebook diary, daily photos and Paris love... and if your headed to Paris, know that we offer opportunities for real authentic and intimate immersions in the Paris life and lifestyle by staying in homey real homes that are utterly quaint, cosy, practical and typical Parisian. Whether you choose a B&B or private apartment

some photo left overs from yesterday...its amazing how much you can fit in a day in Paris. Here is a mishmash of snaps @ Coquelicot Boulangerie, Galeries Lafayette Ladurée Ten Belles And on to today, what will it bring... 

a sneaky peak of the Sacre Coeur. popping up to surprise and delight you on random streets corners and alleys. heading home in Paris — at Sacre-Coeur, Montmartre.

dark paris. ink blue midnight magic and a gothic beautiful looking tower. i see feel so much history, nostalgic, sentiment and romance in Paris. i love walking paris by nuit Bonne nuit everyone xx

April 29 a little sun fix, Paris Day six!! bonjour sunshine, lets savour every ray 
a morning around the back end of Montmartre
Bonjour friends, welcome to PAris live from Petite PAris xx

cafes and salads. happy lunches a Paris

Paris Day 6 photo diary. a day of fashion fun, classic passages de paris and cafe au laits @ Vanessa Bruno @ Venise-Paris Designer discount shoe store (hello i'm in heaven missoni, rossi, jacob heels) @ Christian Lacroix exposititon of designer sketches and art @ Galerie Colbert and red velevet cafe au lait at Galerie Vivienne coffee @ Bistrot Vivienne — at Bistrot Vivienne.

bonne nuit @ les philosophes