Monday, December 24, 2012

Joyeux Noel

Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

From Petite Paris

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'm leaving for Paris in 2 weeks

It's actually less than 2 weeks until I jet off to Paris but writing 'leaving for Paris in one week and 4 days' just didnt sound right, or cute. Or maybe it did!? Ha Well. One week and 4 days is certainly much more exciting!:)

As the year 2012 comes to an end, and I reflect back on the past 2 years I am thankful at how far Petite Paris has come and thankful to our guests, friends, fans and followers for constantly mirroring back the love, passion and dreams of Paris. We've gone from 30 B&B apartments, to 50, 60, 80 now 94...we've also begun DIY walking tours of Paris starting with the very beautiful neighbourhood of St-Germain-des-Pres and the Latin Quarter, which is featured in our website and in our Paris Guide Book. Oh yeah we Launched our first Paris Guide Book this year too! The Petite Paris City Guide eBook for iPads was a huge job and I loved every second of compiling it! You can purchase it here for $7.99. A PDF version is available for those who dont have an iPad!

But whats more exciting for me is what's to come! Looking forward I'm super excited about 2013 and all the new services and improvements that will be made to the website and service for you all! First of all, yes leaving for Paris, in one week and 4 days, is always cause for celebration and champagne countdowns every evening until take off. But this time rather than the whirlwind 1 or 2 week trip in and out so fast I can barely finish a croissant, I have decided to live in Paris for 3 delicious chocolate pastry vin cheese filled months! ... with the possibility of extending!! 

The focus of my trip will be firstly to live la vie francaise when I have time because the rest of the time will be spent inspecting ALL 94 apartments in one big hit PHEW exhausted already! ... including the new ones that my amazing Paris B&B partner has secured while I have been away, I'll be working more with the hosts and homeowners to refine and improve the service in any which way we can, adding links to each B&B to all local amenities (closest bank, atm, pharmacy, medical, post office etc) and of course to source more beautiful homes with my partner together. Already a huge job ahead but it's true what they say it's certainly not work when you love what you do!

I'll be pounding the pavement, discovering and creating the rest of our DIY walking tours for each neighbourhood.

I'll be working on the next updated edition of the Petite Paris City Guide eBook which will be launched at the end of March/early April. I'll be on the hunt for the best-of-the-best of everything once more. Indulgences in patisserie, boulangerie, fromagerie, restaurant and cafe tastings and testing. Visits to more and new interesting museums, attractions and secret places! Discovering new quiet corners and hidden gems of any kind. Shopping, spas and salons to be found, enjoying the theatre and concerts and of course spending much needed down time cocktail sipping at le bars et le clubs. It will be am AMAZING new edition! Being in the City exploring and recording as I go, taking a gazillion photos - what a dream!

What else, more promotions and competitions will be lined up with Paris based businesses and we're going to start offering rail passes on our website so you can purchase your pass/es before you;ve even left home. This includes Disnelyland and Versailles Passes too.

Well thats all pour maintent (for now). Must get back to my French lesson aarrg! One day I'll be fluent!

For now bidding you a Joyeux Noel et Bonne Anee everyone!! Merci Merci Merci for your loyal support, Im so grateful! - and dont forget contact moi anytime if you want to enquire about a Paris apartment for your trip in 2013. Did I mention we have 94? hehe my email:

Ok just one more sleep and its one week and 3 days! :) Can't wait! Au revoir mes amis

Monday, December 17, 2012

Paris Homes have a Ssssh Story to tell...

For your next Paris holiday, immerse yourself in a truly French experience with Petite Paris by staying in someone’s home. Unique, interesting and ‘real’ homes with stories to tell have made our charming Bed & Breakfast service an increasingly popular alternative to a hotel for Australians. 

Try these:

An 1850s mansion boasting 8m high ceilings, glass dining room, open terrace, decorated with worldly treasures from generations past and a Victorian bath-lounge. Bed & Breakfast #279 is Clara’s spectacular apartment in Paris often featured in magazine shoots and films.
Click here!

Built in 1859 by Gustav Eiffel at the same time as his Eiffel Tower and made of the same metallic materials this building is made up of different artists workshops and is included in guided tours of Paris. Tourists are always surprised by this strange construction. The façade of the building (of Bed & Breakfast 331) will be registered soon with the Historical Monuments in Paris, the artists studio then being considered as part of the Parisian patrimony. With a 6m high ceiling in a 200m2 loft over 2 levels, guests enjoy and an authentic atmosphere of the artists workshops from the end of the 19th Century and worldly treasures decorated throughout. Click here

Near the famous district of Montparnasse, located in a paved street dating from the 18th Century, where only residents are to be seen walking their dogs, B&B130 is an architectural haven. Architects are surprised by the interior of this residence composed on a reassembly of post-offices from the beginning of the century. Click here!

 Bed & Breakfast 310 is a bright loft of130m2 and has been completely designed by Anne-Claude, your host. It’s located inside what was once an old Parisian cinema studio now converted into apartments. Click here! 

 B&B 361 was built in the 18th Century. Sober without any particular architecture it hides a story and uncommon history. It was the property of the Abbesses of the Church Saint Jean de Montmartre on Abbesses Square, divided into 3 levels. The 1st floor was the living quarter of the community of the Abbesses, 2nd floor was the praying room and 3rd floor was for the dormitories of the abbesses. It has belonged in Alexander’s family for over 130 years. Click here! 

A private mansion built in 1890 on the old gardens of Tivoli; at the time the house of the courtesan. It was purchased by your hosts grandparents. Bed & Breakfast 295 boasts a 100m2 garden, charming traditional Parisian architecture, decor resembling the interior of French castles and family antique furniture. Click here! 

For more amazing B&B's... 94 more to be exact, visit our website 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Petite Paris New Year Celebration!

Petite Paris
New Year Celebration!

Special B&B Promotions
pour vous!

Welcome 2013!

Dear Friends,
We have selected 5 of our BEST, highest rated Paris B&B Apartments for a special New Year Celebration.
Discounted rates on these Apartments (below) for stays in Paris in January, February and/or March 2013.

If you are off to the City of Lights to experience the magical Winter Wonderland, take advantage of these rates and contact us today for availability and booking on:

1. B&B368
FROM: 162euro per night  TO: 137EURO PER NIGHT (2 person)
* For Stays in Paris in January and February 2013
Arrondissement: 9th

See it on the website for full details, images and map - here

Features: Chantal and Joe offer you this B&B near the Opera/Madeleine areas and close to the Lafayette Galleries, Tuleries Gardens and Louvre. The apartment is located in a mansion with the guest room right at the entrance and separate to the hosts living area by a large space of 40m2 including dining, lounge, kitchen. You are offered a large queen size bedroom and private en-suite.
Click HERE to see this B&B in full detail on the website with images and location map.

2. B&B268
FROM: 220euro per night TO: 165EURO PER NIGHT (2 person, incl breakfasts)
* For stays in Paris in January and February 2013
Arrondissement: 3rd
See it on the Website for full details, images and map - here

One of our most beautiful and exclusive B&Bs in a stunning historic mansion. Genevieve is a very warm professional host who we receive nothing but rave reviews about. The  apartment is immaculate and breakfasts are Genevieve's specialties. Guests have their own suite/section with private entry, lounge, bed area with 2 beds that can be pushed into 1, a private bathroom and a large wrap around terrace accessible through your lounge. It is located in the trendy marais district.
Click HERE to see this B&B in full detail on the website with images and location map

3. B&B401
FROM: 180euro per night TO: 150EURO PER NIGHT (2 person, incl breakfasts)
For stays in Paris in January 2013
Arrondissement: 17th
See it on the website for full details, images and map - here

This is a fantastic and unique home built in 1870 and was first a convent  for Breton Nurses before being transformed into apartments in the 50s. Guests have their own apartment with private access to your own garden. Marc your host lives next door, always available and he is also a saxophone player who plays at the famous jazz clubs in the St Germain des Pres. Find a double bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, dining area and free wifi.
Click HERE to see this B&B in full detail on the website with images and location map

4. B&B241
FROM: 220euro per night TO: 175EURO PER NIGHT (2 person incl. breakfasts)
For stays in Paris in January to 15 March 2013
Arrondissement: 4th
See it on the website for full details, images and map - here

Located in the very centre of Paris, in the upscale Saint Louis Island in the middle of the seine (in between the left bank and the louvre, and the notre dame cathedral on the island de la cite). Carol is a wonderful host who can advise and help you whenever needed and serves wonderful breakfasts. Guest bedroom and private ensuite, free wifi.
Click HERE to see this B&B in full detail on the website with images and location map.

5. B&B359
FROM: 224euro per night TO: 175EURO PER NIGHT (2 person, incl breakfasts)
For stays in Paris in January to 15 March 2013
Arrondissement: 4th

See it on the website for full details, images and map - here

Situated on the exclusive Saint Louis Island literally in the middle of the seine. On one side of you is the popular 5th arrondissement (the St Germain des Pres area) on the other side of the Seine is the Marais area and the Louvre - and in front the 'Ile de la cite' with the Notre Dame Cathedral. The guest room has a double queen size bed and private ensuite. The entire apartment is beautifully decorated. Carol is a very warm and hospitable host who you will adore. She is English by origin and her specialty is breakfast. Carol is very professional and experienced in the B&B service and is discreet and respectful of your wishes for privacy and independence.
Click HERE to see this B&B in full detail on the website with images and location map.

joyeux noel et bonne annee!

See all 94 B&Bs on the website

For enquiries please contact Regina Ferreira at

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A New Year in Paris - 2013

Say bonjour to our Petite Paris highest rated, guests favourite B&B Apartment. 
B&B368 is ON SPECIAL! 
for Stays in Paris in January and February 2013
only 135euro per night for 2 people
reduced from 162euro. many free croissants is that??!.... :) 

Contact moi for availability/booking:
Click here for the online details of this B&B with description, full gallery, map etc 


Monday, December 3, 2012

English French Words

It’s incredible ("uncreaaabl") how many English words are actually French!! And every single one of them sounds so chic (oops there’s one) and glamorous!! Décor, couture, décolletage, negligee, deja vu, rendezvous, fiancé, boutique, bric-a-brac, encore...

 At this moment I am listening to my Michel Thomas audio – learning to speak French without any memorizing, writing, homework or even trying for that matter. It’s brilliant! No pressure to learn, just listening and ‘hearing’ what your listening to. Its amazing how it flows in and stays there – the next thing you know your constructing sentences in your head with so much ease it couldn’t possibly be normal. Its a practical and modern method of teaching. I highly recommend it!!

Most interesting is learning that the English language actually came from the French language. There are so many similarities that are so obvious but its getting our head around the fact that it’s really just pronunciations that are different (there are exceptions of course). A French man once said: “English is French…just badly pronounced” – this man me laugh!

So I am now flicking through my French dictionary and picked out all the english words that are actually French. We are so used to these words being part of the English language we don’t even recognize them as French…most of the time!

Budget (comes from Old French bougette (A little purse) – I love that!!!

And these are just the sounds that are clearly french. I found a stack more on Wikipedia. Now that I’m so fascinated in learning the origins of even simple words like 'table'! And the simple truth for me has been understanding that English comes from French – that's all! and with this simple ray light ... the key has finally turned! - I get it! Everything's so much easier and clearer to understand and then SPEAK. I’m almost French now LOL

Off to listen to recording 4 now!! Au revoir!