C'est moi - about us

Hello, Bonjour. We are an Australian run bed & breakfast web-service for anyone planning to travel to the romance capital of the world, Paris bien sur. Run by moi; a proud lover of all things Parisian and French and the first to nominate myself for the (insert finger quote) I love Paris (end finger quote) Cliché Award.

Paris is the City of lights, the city of Love, the city of Art and the epitome of the delightful little thing called Cafe Culture. I feel fortunate to be able to represent this network of over 60 70 80 90 100 apartments in this magical city from basic B&B rooms, to historic mansions in all arrondissements of Paris; thanks to some very special Parisian friends and networks.

I am based in Sydney and I act as a medium between Australia travellers and French hosts/apartment owners who have happily turned their apartments and/or guest rooms into quaint, quality little bed and breakfasts...

Foregoing those hefty Parisian hotel prices and living just like the locals do in your own apartment, connecting with everyday Parisians will make your Paris stay a truly valuable, unique and genuine travel experience. Our motto is:

Real Paris experiences 
start with real Paris homes

While I do fantasize about moving to Paris (one day ...*sigh), my dream and enthusiasm lives on through Petite Paris. I love organising stays for my fellow Australians in beautiful Parisian homes. My service is personable and warm and you'll undoubtedly feel my enthusiasm and love for this City exuding out of every syllable, punctuation mark and comment I make.

This Petite Paris Blog will keep you, mon amis, updated with latest news, special deals and discounts, new apartments, other useful tourist information and I suspect a lot of my own personal Parisian secrets and finds. Follow us. 

On the website www.petiteparis.com.au you can select from the numerous apartments available either hosted or un-hosted. Many hosted apartments still have their own private rooms and access entries, your own private lounge and private bathrooms etc. Our Parisian hosts are very mindful of your need for privacy and independence. Many of the homes have gardens and terraces and picturesque views of Paris too. C'est magnifique.

Anyway I am glad you're here. Please leave any comments, thoughts and favourite blogs. I get so much inspiration out of them - I adore beautiful blogs and generous comments.

Regina xx