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Paris for Kids - Part 2!


Petite Paris dispels the myth that Paris is not a ‘Child-Friendly’ city with these 12 child friendly attractions! Paris IS a child playground! And Mine :P

1.     Secret Garden: Jardin du Palais-Royale. A playground gem, rarely spoken but ‘PARFAIT’ for kids. 5 minutes walk from the hustle of the Louvre, tucked back from the street, read your favourite kids books and enjoy a drink in peace. There is a lovely fountain, a place to stroll under perfectly manicured trees, casual garden cafes, and ‘Daniel Buren’s’ striped columns in the front square - an interesting and quirky piece of street art, perfect for a game of ‘Tag’. Place du Palais Royal - 38 rue Montpensier 75001

2.     Magic Shows @ Musee de la Magique. Kids can see artifacts and equipment used for magical purposes, optical illusions and special effects. Included in the 20euro entry ticket is a 20minute live magic show. 11 rue saint Paul 75004 Paris. Open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 2-7pm

3.   Ride the Canal St Martin Cruise that travels underground. Connecting to the Seine explore the one-and-a-half mile subterranean section of Saint-Martin Canal, only accessible by boat, and to pass through the canal's four double locks the water rises before the gates open letting you through. Canauxrama Cruises depart at 9.45am and 2.30pm from Bastille daily. 8.50euro for children 16euro adults.

4.     Parks and Picnics: Paris is scattered with stunning gardens and playgrounds for kids. Pack a picnic - some breads, cheeses, cold cuts and fruits, drinks and a portable picnic blanket.  Across from ‘Au Bon Marche’ (Paris’ oldest and must see department store) is a small secret garden through iron gates – discover a charming carousel and terrific traditional French playground. Other beautifully notably gardens include the Jardin des Tuileries and the Jardin du Luxembourg, both have outstanding play areas. Luxembourg has a small amusement park and the Tuileries; a carousel, in-ground trampoline, French water-well that kids spin for hours, ferris wheel and beautiful pond (bring bread crumbs to feed the ducks). Au Bon Marche and garden 24 rue Sevres 75007

5.    Fun Eateries: 1. Café Grenadine (A Kids café). Everything is done to accommodate expecting mothers, parents and their children. A tea room for morning/afternoon tea or lunch with formulas for each member of the family. Children are occupied in the reading corner or play with the toys.There is also an arts and crafts and gourmet shopGrenadine does creative workshops for children, baby massage classes as well as professional breastfeeding and baby carrying classes. 161 Ave Maine, Paris 75014 

2 Les Trois Arts. Children are warmly welcomed at this friendly neighbourhood cafe for a regular program of storytelling each afternoon and evening for children 6 to 13 yrs, with a snack or light meal. 8-10€. 21, rue des Rigoles 75020 Paris 

3. Les 400 Coups includes an indoor play area adjoining the main restaurant and the space offering a variety of activities, workshops and games for children up to 8 years. Also available is a child-sized dining area complete with smaller-scale chairs, tables and high chairs; meals are scaled-down versions of adult versions. 12 rue de la Villette, 75019

6.     Kids Shops: 1.Libellule et Coccinelle A book boutique for kids. A convivial space which, as well as books, offers a variety of creative workshops that are fun for children. 2 rue Turgot 75009 Paris Open Tues – Sat 10am-7pm.

2.Un Zebra Au Grenier - A charming little children’s toy shop hidden in the 20th. Catering for newborns to eight years, find things for baby to wear, play with, read and rest on. Find pre-loved toys as well as new ones (and even designer ones) 16 rue Villiers de L’Isle Adam 75020 Paris. Open daily

7.      Paris Beaches – Each Summer (in July and August) the Seine is transformed into a beach - complete with sand laid all along the Seine shore, deckchairs, ubiquitous ice cream sellers, and concerts for French and foreign guests. Holidaymakers at the Bassin de la Villette (Paris 19) can also borrow books free of charge, play beach volley, take an aquagym class in a mini pool, or kayak around the lake – or, of course just chill and enjoy. Beaches are spread across three spots (Louvre/Pont de Sully, Port de la Gare and Bassin de la Villette.

8For the Girls: Musee Poupee – a private French doll museum. FREE. Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am-6pm. 22 rue Beauborg 75003 Paris

9.   Educational: Cites des Enfants. A museum designed to help children develop and discover the world around them and introduce them to science/technology through a series of hands-on activities. Children experience a variety of absorbing situations devised for their age, and enjoy doing interesting experiments. Two areas: one for 2-7yrs and an area for 5-12 yrs. 30 av Corentin-Cariou 75019 Paris www.cite-sciences

10.  Mysterieux: The Catacombs (more suited for older kids and teenagers). The final resting place of millions of bones. Due to overpopulation and lack of sanitary conditions around cemeteries, in the 18th century the bones of Paris' dead were moved from their cemeteries to this abandoned stone mine. Layers and layers of skeletons were piled high and wide along the walls displayed in the dark underground alleys and tunnels of Paris. 1 Ave du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy 75014 Paris

11.  Winter fun: 'Paris on Ice' - during the Winter months hire some ice skates and join the throngs of Parisians ice skating on the temporary rink set up in front of Hotel de Ville. Open daily 10am to 10pm mid December to March. 29 Rue de Rivoli 75004 Paris

12. See the Eiffel Tower at night.  The Eiffel sparkles every hour on the hour after nightfall.  After an early dinner, head to Avenue de Suffren, between Avenue Octave Gréard & Quai Branly, there is a small-unnamed alley leading to a small park directly below the Eiffel Tower. Spread out a blanket and watch the show! Kids will be awestruck and love it! 

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Paris with Kids - Part 1


Petite Paris dispels the myth that Paris is not a ‘Child-Friendly’ city with 10 practical tips to make travelling with children in Paris a breeze. Part two of Paris with Kids is coming soon with 12 Child-friendly attractions in Paris! Stay Tuned...

1. Buy for your children: Lonely Planet's Not for Parents, Paris EditionLonely Planet, have come out with a kids' line of travel books, Find Paris and what's awesome about it from a kid's point of view.  Instead of listing rated restaurants and the best neighbourhoods for shopping, it has wildly awesome tidbits like the history of the guillotine, where to see the best gargoyles, and ghostly stories about catacombs under the city. 

2.  Book a B&B apartment instead of a hotel.  Hotels in general are not family friendly. This isn’t to say Paris isn’t child-friendly in general, you simply need to select an accommodation that is. And there are plenty! Try an apartment such as one from Petite Paris B&B Apartments ( the cost is about the same as a mid-range hotel, but since there are kitchens in the unhosted apartments, you save on meal costs by buying groceries and preparing some meals at "home” and you can enjoy the luxury and family comfort of independence living like locals in your own Paris home.  Petite Paris’ 19 Child-friendly B&B's can be perfect for those who want an authentic Parisian experience. View the child-friendly B&Bs here:

3.  Indulge in the utter charm of a Parisian picnic.  Paris is scattered with stunning gardens, and if the weather cooperates, a picnic is a great and relatively inexpensive way to enjoy them.  Some breads, cheeses, cold cuts and fruits, along with some drinks and a portable picnic blanket and you are good to go.  There are many small neighbourhood playgrounds but some beautifully notably gardens include the Jardin des Tuileries and the Jardin du Luxembourg – both have outstanding play areas for kids, Jardin Luxembourg houses a small amusement park and the Tuileries has a ferris wheel  It's a great way to enjoy the scenery and for the kids to burn off all of those crêpes and pains au chocolat.

4.  Try the food.  Parisian food is consistently delicious. Though it might sound a bit exotic, it doesn't necessarily have to feel particularly foreign.  Many restaurants include cheesy pastas, burgers, steak-and-fries (entrecôte avec frites), omelets, quiche, and so on.  And at a bare minimum, all restaurants, it seemed, offered a cheese plate and/or a plate of cold cuts (charcuterie), so stay away from McDonalds and give French cuisine a whirl. The Not For Parents book does a great job of intriguing kids with the concept of eating escargots (snails) and frogs' legs. TIP: Take a translator to make sure your kids know what they are ordering. Disappointment will only lead to whining.
5. A note to the gluten FREE.  Paris, with all its baguettes and other pastries, can admittedly be a celiac's nightmare. Try Naturalia, a new local natural foods grocery chain that sells gluten-free breads and pasta.  Most Petite Paris B&B hosts can cater to children’s (or adults) dietary needs.
6.  Get to know the Métro.  The Métro is Paris' subway line, and it gets you positively everywhere you want to go.  It's not the cleanest subway but it's safe, relatively easy to navigate once you get the hang of it, and it's definitely cheaper than taking cabs. There are ticket fares for children (enfants) as well as multiple-day passes.  

7.  About clothing -- think layers.  Paris weather can vary wildly, especially in the summer:  Bring a light cardigan and a foldable lightweight sweater and basic tees that you can just tuck into our daypacks for sudden downpours.

8.  Get your kids some journals.  Buy a journal and some writing utensils for the kids, not only does it keep them entertained during travels but it’s a great little souvenir of the trip that kids can create themselves. Drawing, photographing and listing things they’ve seen and interesting foods they’ve tried etc.
9.  See the Eiffel Tower at night.  The Eiffel sparkles every hour on the hour after nightfall.  After an early dinner, head to Avenue de Suffren, between Avenue Octave Gréard & Quai Branly, there is a small-unnamed alley leading to a small park directly below the Eiffel Tower. Spread out a blanket and watch the show! 

TIP: IN summer nightfall doesn’t occur until about 10.30pm so prepare for this so you are not sitting around for hours with kids getting restless.
10. If all else fails, see the Petite Paris top 12 Kids Attractions – coming in the NEXT POST. A DEMAIN :)
(OR…Disneyland Paris is only about a 45-minute train ride out of town).
All these plus more Paris travel tips in the Petite Paris City Guide eBook. An Australian based Travel Service offering B&B and apartments in Paris and Travel tips about the City of Lights.

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Petites' family friendly holiday tips


1.     Take your time: Plan for a slower pace. Children are not interested in getting from A to B, but in following their interests. Be prepared to explore! You’re more likely to retain your cool if you factor stalling, toilet stops & tantrums into your timeframe.

2.     Book ahead: Arriving at your destination to find you can’t find a bed means you will have to hit the road again with tired, hungry toddlers melting down.

3.     Safety first: Most tourist accommodation aren’t really child-friendly, so you may need to make some adaptations. Check locks on doors/windows, sturdiness of the fittings - wobbly balconies and railings, loose towel-rails or curtain. Petite Paris have a select 19 ‘Child Friendly’ apartments where hosts have ensured guest rooms and living spaces are safe and clutter free. They offer baby beds and cots some even baby-sitting services if mum and dad want a romantic dinner alone. View Petite’s Paris Child Friendly apartments here:

4.     Give them a camera: Giving toddlers their own (robust, child-friendly) camera encourages them to observe their surroundings and focus on what interests them.

5.     Be prepared for the climate: It’s simple, but children dressed comfortably for the weather and terrain will be happier.

6.     Apps for Kids: Toddler apps, download them. The most compact form of entertainment.

7.     Use public transport: Most toddlers love the novelty of travelling by train, bus and boat, so ditch the hire car and use public transport where possible.

8.     Encourage them to keep a travel journal: Get your kids drawing, photographing and listing things they’ve seen and interesting foods they’ve tried. They can start a library of travel memories all their own.

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Cafe cool a Paris

Cafe Cool

La Chambre aux Oiseaux

A gorgeous cafe in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Visitng the 10th district and the stunning Canal St Martin area is a MUST in Paris. When you are there THIS cafe is also a MUST! LA Chambre aux Oiseaux ('The Bird Room'). Utterly quaint, beautiful little cafe with a shabby chic style.

The setting is decorated with retro-deco vintage furniture from the grandmother of the owner  - See more at:
The setting is decorated with retro-deco vintage furniture from the grandmother of the owner  - See more at:
Retro-decor vintage furniture from the grandmother of the owner, fitting for this electic boho neighbourhood.

Two breakfast menus, City and Country style, decadent savoury brunch on weekends, light lunches and delicious cakes.

Panoramic windows perfect for people watching while offering a view of the neighbourhood.
Website MAP

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the best of - and most beautiful Paris places!!

Did you know???/Don't forget...!!!
You can purchase our
Petite Paris City Guide eBook
Our eBook, for iPads and iPhones, is a collective resource of insider tips and secrets for the best and most beautiful places in Paris! a PDF version is available and a coffee table version for traditional book lovers or gift giving.

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140s pages with over 150 recommendations listed by ‘Arrondissement' it's a great mobile travel guide, to help you plan your days and experience the ‘real’ Paris. The eBook avoids most of the usual touristic attractions, listing only the very best-of-the-best famous favourites, predominantly focusing on the hidden, undiscovered and ‘local’ haunts and havens that promise rich and authentic experiences of the City of Lights. 

Where to find: Paris’ best coffee places, brunch places, wine bars, nightlife. restaurants, chocolatiers, boulangeries, patisseries, shops, spas, parks and secret gardens, museums and more.  Let Petite guide you to the best places to eat, drink, dance, sightsee, shop, spa and be entertained. 

 Practical features include links to Google maps, websites and metro stations; detailed descriptions and practical information too i.e open/close times, costs, clientele, ambience, specialties etc. 


Petite Paris avex les enfants! (with Kids) See our NEW newspaper article!

AAAAH Petite Paris was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald over the weekend. Wow another newspaper feature, does it get any less exciting with each one? NOPE!! 

This time were dishing out the best tips and places to take kids in Paris and breaking the myth that Paris is not a child friendly place. Oh but it is, IT IS!! It's full or artistic, cultural fun for the little ones... We have museums, parks and monuments listed that make wonderful playgrounds and exploration fun for kids, plus some kid cafes and boutiqus :) 

Parents/Families read the article online and stay in one of our family friendly Paris apartments too. 
Here is the article:

here is le website: 

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L'Automne Love

Happy Sunday L'Automne Love. "Fall" in Paris begins officially this weekend.  SO here is a dreamy little Automne tale for your quiet Sunday morning dreaming... 

Fall in Paris: Horse chestnuts grow on trees and wherever you wander is the woodsy scent of roasting chestnuts. Sidewalks, parks and sweeping riverside esplanades exude Impressionist moodiness and stage-set atmosphere with crispy golden leaves spinning down from the 100,000 trees on the city's thoroughfares. Café and restaurant terraces spill chairs into the path of pedestrians staying open despite the chill. It's the best season for food in Paris with market stalls arising overnight exploding with a kaleidoscopic harvest bounty and it's also the period for the Beaujolais Noveau - the delicious red wine produced in the Beaujolais region - one of the most frivolous and animated rituals in the wine world. Local bars, cafes and and bistros celebrate the arrival with much fan fare. Fall is also the unrushed season, a time of inky newspapers on wooden sticks, of thick, well-thumbed novels, of deep yawns and slow trawls. Enjoy travellers!