Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Travel Tips #1

READY JET GO! Tips before you fly!
Learn French FAST with Michel Thomas! We HIGHLY recommend this set of audio disks. In fact we swearby it! You will learn to speak French without any memorizing, writing, homework or even trying for that matter. It’s brilliant! No pressure to learn, just listening and ‘hearing’ what your listening to. Its amazing how it flows in and stays there – the next thing you know your constructing sentences in your head with so much ease it couldn’t possibly be this easy. Michel Thomas’ recordings are a practical and modern method of teaching. Available on Amazon

PARIS ONLINE! Le wonderful world of le Web!
There is a plethora of Paris websites out there; this months favourite Travel blog is: www.parisiensalon.com.au - A Paris Travel planner with info on shopping, restaurants, culture and insider information. 

MUST DO's! Everyone has his or her own version of Paris, this is ours:
This Months MUST DO is to visit 1 of our favourite small museums the Musee Rodin, in the 7th. This couldn't be more beautiful. The building contains various works including the personal collection of Rodin. The stunning garden (can be visted separately) is dotted with sculptures. This mansion and garden offer visitors a glimpse of a world possessing serene beauty. There is a wonderful cafe outdoors for lunch.

SWEETS OF PARIS! In search of the perfect pastry, chocolat, gateau, baguette and cafe...

HUGE must-eat is high-tea at Laduree – Paris’ grand cafe with a jaw-dropping collection of the famous delicious Parisian macaroons in an exquisite Belle-Epoque setting. Our tip: Don’t expect good service from wait-staff just enjoy the ambience and sweetness!! Four locations in Paris www.laduree.fr 

Chocolate aficionados will find an incomparable selection of chocolate cakes, pastries and (more) macaroons at Pierre Hermé. Try ‘Death by Chocolate’ or pralines with caramelized sesame seeds. Heaven!


Friday, November 26, 2010

A home in Paris this Christmas

Looking for your Christmas holiday rental? Look no further! Here are our remaining Christmas rentals in Paris:

1.    1. Latin Quarter Luxury
click here to see full description
View the Towers of the Notre Dame Cathedral from this private B&B.
Arrondissement: 5eme
Sleeps: 1-4
Size: 85m2
Available: 23-28 Dec
Price: 1 pers 129euro/ 2 pers 159euro/ 3 pers189euro/ 4 pers 219euro

2. Budget Beauty
click here to see full description
Behind the Eiffel tower awaits your comfortable Paris home.
Arrondissement: 15eme
Sleeps: 1-2 people
Size: Guest bedroom 12m2
Available: 23-28 Dec
Price: 1 pers 79euro/ 2 pers 94euro

3. Le Marais Private Studio

Click here for full description
Surround yourself in art and culture in the creative trendy Marais area in your own little bungalow
Arrondissement: 3eme
Sleeps: 1-3 people
Size: 35m2
Available: 23-28 December
Price: 1 pers 123euro/ 2 pers 130euro/ 3 pers 170 euro

4.  Amelie Poulain Style in Montmatre
click here for full description
Plush couches, bourgeois décor, overall an idyllic girly apartment
Arrondissement: 18eme
Sleeps: 1-5 people
Size: 25m2
Available: 20-26 Dec
Price: 1 pers 119euro/ 134 euro/ 160euro/ 279euro/ 294euro

        5.  Artists Studio
click here for full description
Enjoy the rare luxury of an apartment in Paris with a garden. This is an artists studio turned B&B.
Arrondissement: 13eme
Sleeps: 1-3 people
Size: Guest bedroom suite 50m2
Available: 20-26 Dec
Price: 1 pers 140euro/ 2 pers 149euro/ 3 pers 180euro

       6. Sleep on the seine
click here for full description
This B&B is located within the arms of le seine on the St Louis Island in a 17th century Parisian building
Arrondissement: 4eme
Sleeps: 1-5 people
Available: 21-28 Dec
Price: 1 pers 200euro/ 2 pers 204euro/ 3 pers 264euro/ 4 pers 279euro/ 5 pers 309euro

         7. Central Paris
click here for full description
Reach all the main attractions on foot. Choose to rent the entire apartment or share with your host Alain.
Arrondissement: 2eme
Sleeps: 1-6 people
Size: 47m2
Available: 21 – 30 Dec
Price: 1 pers 106euro/ 2 pers 116euro/ 3 pers 226 euro/ 4 pers 237 euro/ 5 pers 335euro/ 6 pers 340euro

Coming SOON: NEW YEARS EVE available apartments and Whats to do in Paris in DEC and NYE!!

Contact us for bookings or more info: info@petitepr.com.au or call 0410 716 930.
Visit the website for full B&B listing www.petiteparis.com.au 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

you know you're French when...

you have mastered the art of restraint and don't eat an entire block of chocolate in one go...'where's the fun in that'?!!

You pronounce ‘Oui’ (yes) as ‘Weh’.

You know that ‘Terrible’ actually means ‘great’!

You love good food that is considered weird by everyone else.

Your wardrobe has become all black. With a few pieces of grey and white thrown in for some…’fun’?? 

You can no longer be bothered giving that enthusiastic bright eyed loving welcome as though perfect strangers are my long lost friends or family, instead taking on a blaze non-interested attitude which would do the French proud!!

You obsess over the presentation of a dinner set / dinner party more than the actual food.

Your at home and decide to take a shower, shave, get dressed in your pressed shirt and casually stylish pants because you’re going to go get the mail …or garbage!

You stop moving out of peoples way on the sidewalk.

You will travel 10km to buy a baguette you like rather than an average one you could get around the corner.

When you can guess the nationality of tourist by his clothes.

When you consider the Champs Elysees the worst avenue in the world.

When you agree that France is the most beautiful country in the world sadly occupied by the French.
But you LOVE IT. Like us!!!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

LUXE Paris - a gift for you!! yes another..

Hi. We're just updating our website for the millionth time - seems like there's new news almost everyday which is certainly keeping us busy! - and right now we're adding the yummy LUXE Paris Guide to our Paris Guide pages,  as 'THE' MUST-HAVE resource before jetting off to Paris. In fact we think they are SO great, we've purchased a stack of them for you. Receive one for FREE (values at $19.95) when you book your Paris Accommodation with us. 'Ready Jet GO!!!'

WHAT IS IT? A consummately stylish pocket travel guide, packed with astute, opinionated information for the busy and sophisticated visitor.

INSIDE: Label as Sex and The city in a Handbook, you'll find information about Wining and Dining, Spa and Beauty, Shopping, Activities and other useful information.

ACCORDING TO LUXE PARIS IS: “Regarded as the most beautiful in all Europe, and legendarily stylish, while this lulu of a city can be sweet and coquettish, she can also be a very snooty grande dame indeed. We've taken her over our knee, given her several smacks with the manners stick and she's promised to behave. So, crack open a bottle, it's champagne time for Loulou...

Want to cut the merde and get straight to gorgeous stashes of vintage jewels and clothes and even have them customised? How about fashion, lingerie, jewellery, shirts, make-up and perfume created just for you? Teeter this way for the best steak frites in town, plus the chicest range of eateries from stellar haute cuisine to humble bistros. In a city notorious for snobby and expensive accommodation, we’ll show you the best options from luxury palace hotels to fab boutiques and great value private home B&Bs. Need your own personal museum, wine, restaurant or shopping guru? Pas de problème, cherie. Voilà, c’est LUXE!”
LUXE Paris. 


Friday, November 5, 2010

Room for 6? Oui!

Yes it's true (c'est vrai) - even group travellers can find a B&B apartment with us where everyone can sleep under the same pretty parisian roof. Petite Paris offers accommodation for families, groups of friends or study groups of up to 6 people. 

Starting with the latest addition to our list of available apartments; Claudie says Bonsoir et Bienvenue to her B&B Apartment located in the 15th arrondissement behind the eiffel tower in a quiet yet lively area of Paris. Catered for groups of up to 6 people this apartment offers 2 independent guest rooms with private bathroom and living area. If your after a quaint 'real' home to stay in to experience an authentic Parisian stay, this is perfect. 

Wake up and enjoy a full breakfast together each morning in a family home environment. Warm teas and coffees, juices, baguettes, croissants, toasts, cereals, jams, honey, butter and a basket of fruit by the dining room window overlooking the tranquil garden.

Sit out in the private garden on deck chairs with your family or friends and enjoy the rarity of having a paris apartment with a garden. In a city so condensed and lacking space trust us, this is a huge luxury! 

Enjoy peace and comfort in the guest bedrooms which face east letting in sunshine in the mornings.

Finally Claudie your host is a real Comtesse (Countess) who's family tree goes back to the 12thC - she is a wealth of information about the History of Paris and will happily indulge your curious cravings for Parisian information about the Belle Epoque era and history. 

Prices of overnight stay for 6 people? 264 Euro per night. That is: 44 Euro per night each!!! An absolute bargain for the experience you will encounter. 

And if you take advantage of the strong Aussie dollar at the moment thats $60 per person per night. Id make further comments but I'm too busy booking MYELF in!!!

Check out the webpage instead for more info and photos for this wonderful new B&B: click here 

And if you want to see our other apartments catering for up to 6 how about this creative space in Montmarte for 234 EURO per night for 6 people. click