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Top 5 B&Bs in Paris - as rated by our guests!

2 Thousand and Heaven!
Our guests rate our top 5 Paris B&Bs for the year that was…and its unanimous…our hosts are the WINNERS!!

We are a personalised B&B service that allows Australian guests to meet Paris locals, make friends, experience authentic Parisian life and to feel welcomed and looked after by our amazing, friendly and professional hosts in an inclusive intimate setting! The apartments are all immaculate, but it’s the meeting of new people and friends that make for a truly memorable experience - and that’s true of any travel adventure!

Number 5: B&B342
– Dom and Erik’s home in the Denfert-Rochereau district.
(View this B&B here)

Guests loved Dom and Erik, who included them in their family life and went beyond expected levels of service i.e. accompanying guests to pick up hire cars, assisting with language barriers, offering afternoon tea daily. Guests are given their own en suite living area but ALL preferred to spend time with Dom and Erik in their own family area never feeling uneasy or unwelcome - a fabulous testimony to the intimacy we promise our guests for an authentic Parisian life when staying at one of our B&Bs! 

Number 4: B&B371 – Monique’s B&B in the 17th arrondissement – Batignolles!
(View this B&B here)

We think Gypsy; the gorgeous little terrier that lives at this B&B is reason enough to love it! But our guests said it was Monique’s delightful nature; attentive hospitality ensuring they were always comfortable is what made their stay memorable and enjoyable. They loved her diverse breakfasts, the terraces, views of the Eiffel, the location with so many restaurants and cafes close by, but mostly…just Monique herself! 

Number 3: B&B241/359 – Located exclusively on the Isl Saint Louis on le Seine
(View this B&B here)

SO many declarations about Carol’s friendliness, welcoming nature, her advice and the time and attention she gives to the needs of each of our guests! On top of this, the immaculately presented B&B made our guests stay comfortable and special. Our guests said they felt like long lost friends of Carols, not merely paying guests and many have remained in contact with her. Carols knowledge of Paris was also a hit and finally breakfast was a standout too with fresh platters served professionally with music playing in the background!

Number 2: B&B333 – located in a residential area in the 15th near Parc Georges Brassens - Feel the authenticity and richness of an area virtually free of tourists and full of everyday Parisian charm. (View this B&B here)

Guests become friends at Janine and Alains B&B333! Its not surprising since Janine and Alain do not offer their home and B&B for the income (neither of them need it) but purely for the love of meeting new people, offering authentic experiences and perfecting their B&B service…and guest sense this genuine welcome and hospitality! Janine keeps the B&B immaculate and guests are awestruck by her attentiveness. Guests rate this B&B also for its space, comfort and amenities.


Number 1: B&B368 - Chantal’s B&B in the 9th (Opera, Madeleine, Concorde).
(View this B&B here)

Inundated with amazing feedback for our hosts, Janine and Joe, who our guests love so much they are requesting, return bookings a year in advance. 

Here's what the last guests had to say:

"Chantal was a friendly, helpful host who went out of her way for us – breakfast was exceptional and she found gluten free products for my wife and recommended restaurants. The room was as comfortable as the 5 star hotels we’ve stayed in. Clean, bright and the perfect base to see Paris from. We chatted with Chantal over tea and she gave us excellent directions, suggested a music recital at the Madeleine Church which proved a most memorable experience of our holiday. We were looking to have a more personal connection with Paris and the Parisian way of life and we very satisfied on both counts”


“The accommodation was perfect, clean and bright. But the reason it was so special was Chantal. She was a great host, always thinking of what we needed and suggesting how to get around and offering great advice. I would 100% recommend this B&B and would only ever stay here on our return. We thoroughly enjoyed breakfast, there was always an huge choice of bread and pastries and Chantal paid particular notice of my daughters choices to ensure that they were always there again the next day”.

Au Revoir

Friday, January 27, 2012

An Australian in Paris...

An Australian in Paris…

Wants to spend between $150 and $200 per night on their accommodation - 45% of surveyed Australian travelers. (26% prefer a lower budget of $100-$150)

·       Petite Paris offer over 30 B&B’s in the $150-$200 budget and 25 under $150. See Genevieve’s B&B366 in the 7th 

Stays in Paris for an average of 5-7 nights 52% (24% up to 14nights)

·       Petite Paris offers discounts on bookings over 10 nights. Up to 200euro off your total stay. Plus a welcome bottle of champagne.

…Prefers to stay in the 4th/5th (Marais/St Germain)- 78%.

·       Petite Paris offers 10 B&Bs in these districts. See B&B321 – a historic mansion with views of the Notre Dame, private guest living, kitchen, bath and bedroom. http://www.petiteparis.com.au/321_Anne_Jean_Luc_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html

…Chooses to visit in Spring or Autumn 82%  

·       Petite Paris offers 27 B&Bs with gardens and/or terraces where you can enjoy breakfast in the warmer months. See Anne’s B&B101 in the 6th.

… Plans to visit Paris in the next 2-3 years  - 50% (24% book a yr in advance)

…Uses search engines to find accommodation - 82% (42% via word of mouth. 75% use Trip adviser)

…Is torn between a Parisian B&B, a hotel or Self Contained ‘pied-de-Terre’.
…34% stay at hotels (popular choice: Hotel Regina, Tim Hotel, Relais)
…33%stay in rental apartments (Citadines, Perfectly Paris)
…33% stay at B&Bs (Petite Paris)

For Media enquiries contact Regina Ferreira at info@petitepr.com.au or 0410716930.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stay at Someone's home in Paris

Immerse yourself in a truly French experience with Petite Paris by staying in someone’s home in Paris. Unique, interesting and ‘real’ homes with stories to tell have made our charming Bed & Breakfast service an increasingly popular alternative to a hotel for Australians.

An 1850s mansion boasting 8m high ceilings, glass dining room, open terrace, decorated with worldly treasures from generations past and a Victorian bath-lounge. Bed & Breakfast #279 is Clara’s spectacular apartment in Paris often featured in magazine shoots and films.

Click image to see this B&B in full detail on the website!
Near the famous district of Montparnasse, located in a paved street dating from the 18th Century, where only residents are to be seen walking their dogs, B&B130 is an architectural haven. Architects are surprised by the interior of this residence composed on a reassembly of post-offices from the beginning of the century.

 Click image to see this B&B in full detail on the website!

Built in 1859 by Gustav Eiffel at the same time as his Eiffel Tower and made of the same metallic materials this building is made up of different artists workshops and is included in guided tours of Paris. Tourists are always surprised by this strange construction. The façade of the building (of Bed & Breakfast 331) will be registered soon with the Historical Monuments in Paris, the artists studio then being considered as part of the Parisian patrimony. With a 6m high ceiling in a 200m2 loft over 2 levels, guests enjoy and an authentic atmosphere of the artists workshops from the end of the 19th Century and worldly treasures decorated throughout. 

 Click image to see this B&B in full detail on the website!

Bed & Breakfast 310 is a bright loft of130m2 and has been completely designed by Anne-Claude, your host. It’s located inside what was once an old Parisian cinema studio now converted into apartments.

 Click image to see this B&B in full detail on the website!

B&B 361 was built in the 18th Century. Sober without any particular architecture it hides a story and uncommon history. It was the property of the Abbesses of the Church Saint Jean de Montmartre on Abbesses Square, divided into 3 levels. The 1st floor was the living quarter of the community of the Abbesses, 2nd floor was the praying room and 3rd floor was for the dormitories of the abbesses. It has belonged in Alexander’s family for over 130 years.

 Click image to see this B&B in full detail on the website! 

Art aficionados, revel in an antique artists studio converted into a Bed & Breakfast (342) guest suite spread over 2 levels. Your host’s Uncle – a well-known sculptor resided here and was the leader of the sculptor studio ‘Beaux-arts’ of Paris and his wife a professor of the Louvre school. In the entire house there are no doors and there is a very special mood throughout. Find original antique works of art and outside a tranquil green courtyard.

 Click image to see this B&B in full detail on the website!

Enjoy feeling like you’re in a little country town rather than bustling Paris in a historic 1830s Haussmann with traditional oak parquet, ceiling mouldings, marble chimneys. The architectural interest at Bed & Breakfast 345 is its inner entry under the porch, which used to be a lane and was closed at the beginning of the century to form a very calm inner yard. 

 Click image to see this B&B in full detail on the website!

See the towers of the Notre Dame cathedral from Bed & Breakfast 321 where you will live as a Parisian in your own private home. This Haussmann building located in the latin quarter was built in 1870 but its foundations are gallo-roman. The apartment used to be the office of a lady doctor and souvenirs of the past still remain in the house including portraits of her ancestors and children’s toys dating back to the 1920s.

 Click image to see this B&B in full detail on the website!

A private mansion built in 1890 on the old gardens of Tivoli; at the time the house of the courtesan. It was purchased by your hosts grandparents. Bed & Breakfast 295 boasts a 100m2 garden, charming traditional Parisian architecture, decor resembling the interior of French castles and family antique furniture.

 Click image to see this B&B in full detail on the website! 

What’s more interesting that the buildings are the people. Our hosts consist of music record producers, photographers, antique dealers, artists, theatre directors, a clown, radio personalities, journalists, actresses, writers, producers and more. Intriguing characters and personalities, hosts are friendly and hospitable yet discreet and private. 

Contact us for more info or for any booking enquiries.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

February Special - Paris B&B offer

We're still continuing the New Year Celebration with plenty of special discounts for many our B&Bs!!
This one is an unhosted apartment again in Montmartre. It was once the home of French Impressionist Pissaro! We inspected it in Paris just last week and loved its quaintness, comfort and homeliness. The layout was positive, light and inspiring! Large Kitchen, a romantic alcove for your bed, a large lounge that can be convered into a large double bed for 2 more people and walking distance to Place du Tertre - approx 2 mins walk away!! Magnifique!

PLUS if you are a family or group needing multiple apartments - then Annie (the owner/host of this home in Paris) has another apartment just minutes away which can accommodate another 4 people!! 

Our offer: 25euro off the nightly rate as advertised on the website!
1 person: 127euro per night = 102 euro per night. Ok fine 100 euro per night - lets make it even! :)
2 person: 150euro per night = 125euro per night
3 person: 185euro per night = 160euro per night
4 person: 200euro per night = 175euro per night

and now for le photographs... if you scroll to the bottom the last shots of the famous steps in Montmatre is the exact street this apartment is located on...leads up the hill to the Sacre Coeur!

link to view this B&B on the website with full details click here!

Paris apartment #376 - our photos

While we were in Paris, we inspected many of our apartments...to make sure the B&Bs were up to scratch of course for all our travelling guests! One that I personally really loved and hadn't seen before was this one...Isabelle and Pascals B&B in the pretty Montmartre village - B&B376 - and i was very pleasantly surprised and taken aback and how much nicer and LARGER it was than what I had come to expect - based on the photos on our website!! This made me think that perhaps all our B&Bs need a complete photographic re-haul to depict exactly what they are like...for a truer illustration!

Anyway that's a job for me. For now here are the photo graphs I took of this B&B - I went a little crazy with the camera snapping but I really loved it - the quaintness, antique rustic charm about it - it has a fantastic feel inside!

At this B&B you firstly get a private entry into the apartment separate to your hosts (Isabelle and Pascal). When you walk in you have in front of you 2 door ways - the left leads to an office (bureau) room which then leads to your bedroom and also the bathroom is found here. Both are very large, clean, comfortable, bright. The bathroom has a Jacuzzi too!

The door on the right is the way to your own VERY LARGE lounge and dining room where you can relax and where breakfast is served.

Really its like having your own entire apartment minus the kitchen because this is Isabelles domain. she will serve you in your dining room delicious french breakfasts daily!
Isabelle and Pascal own the entire floor of this building - it is 4 apartments turned into one. Their quarter is next to yours and they are always available to help you whenever (if ever) you need it.

Special touches are all the travel memoribilia found throughout your B&B from Isabelle and Pascals travels particularly ot sth Africa - fascinating amd makes for a very quaint and interesting place to stay - kind of like a museum.

We think for what you get at this B&B, it is major value.
110euro per night for 1 person and
115euro per night for 2 persons!!

We offer special discounts in Jan and February too so enquire now!!

Hope you like it!! Here is the link to the full online description on our website: http://www.petiteparis.com.au/376_Isabelle_Pascal_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Special Paris B&B offers for Jan and Feb!

Happy New Year everyone!!! Yes we're a little late in the New Year wishes, but we've been in Paris over Christmas and New Years...having too much fun playing French and eating too many pastries to bother blogging... what blasphemy!!? We promise to do it again and again too! :D haha

To celebrate the start of the new year we have 2 special offers for bookings in Jan or February!! Its a Montmartre Mania...

(also the next newsletter will be the February issue and it'll be jam packed full of French info, specials and other tid bits!!)

1. B&B207 - an unhosted self contained apartment in Montmartre.
1 person was 110euro per night NOW 85euro per night
2 persons was 130euro per night NOW 100euro per night!
3 persons was 170euro per night NOW 145euro per night!

To view it online click here.

2. B&B339, 365, 378 and 386 - all unhosted apartments in Montmartre from hosts Thierry and Rose-Marie are 10euro off the nightly rate. If you book an extended stay the discount increases.
This B&B as featured in the current Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine - Autumn issue 2012!

Click here to see B&B339

Bonne annee!!

Petite Paris Publicite

here is the latest media coverage for us...Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine - Autumn 2012 issue. Allez-vous a Paris?? :)