Sunday, September 5, 2010

September Special - Villa Clara Mansion

This month is the Launch of our Website Hip hip hooray!! 
To celebrate we're bringing you Villa Clara - a glamorous Mansion with some special discounts for September. and possibly November, December, January... well we'll see how long we feel festive... ;)

Book this wonderful B&B during September you will get a special discount off the total cost of your stay and the longer your booking the more discount you get. And why wouldn't you want to stay here for as long as possible right:

Book 3 nights and get 20 euro off the total stay!

Book 4 nights and get 40 Euro off your total stay!

Book 5 nights and get 60 euro off your total stay!

Book 6 nights and get 80euros off your total stay!

Book 7 to 9 nights and get 100euro off your total stay!

Book 10 nights and get 120euro off your total stay!

Book 11 nights and get 140 Euro off your total stay!

and so on! 

Please contact me to confirm your Paris dates at:

To see the full description, photo gallery, prices and map visit our website:

Villa Clara mini - gallery (see the full gallery on the website): 

La Villa Clara Maison
glass ceiling 

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