Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!!! 2011 is going to be a big year!!

Happy New Year everyone! We have lots happening this year and to kick off  we’re offering February to April discounts on select B&B apartments in Paris. So if you’re travelling to Paris during these months and haven’t booked your accommodation; you just might like these!!

1. B&B153 – Fabrice’s B&B is on offer throughout all of February, March and April. The longer you book the more discount you will receive! This is one of  our unhosted apartments. Located in Montmartre you will have this entire apartment to yourself. A few photographs are below.
Location: 18th arrondissement.
OFFER: Book 12 to 15 nights during this time and get 120 – 135 euro off your total stay.
16 – 18 nights  = 180euro off!

the living room

 through to kitchen for your use

and the bedroom

To see more photos of this antique decorated B&B and the full description click here
Rates: 1 person: 119eur per night
2 persons: 129euro per night
3 persons: 160euro per night

2. B&B345 – Annes B&B is offered during March with the following special discounts:
Location: 20th arrondissement.
OFFER: 11 nights – up to 90euro off!
15 nights – 102euro
17 nights – 125euro
20 nights – 125-136euro

A few photographs:
a romantic guestroom

and enjoy a full traditional french breakfast

To see more photos and the complete description of this B&B click here
Rates: 1 person 110euro per night
2 persons 115euro per night.

3. B&B104 – Florence’s eiffel B&B is on offer during February and March. This B&B is in the 7th arrondissement right on the Champs de Mars - the Park of the eiffel tower, there is nothing between your bedroom window and the eiffel tower, where you can reach out and almost 'touch it!' A perfect romantic B&B where you can watch the light display of the eiffel tower from your room.
OFFER: 12 - 13 nights – up to (a huge) 186euro off in Feb and 80euro off in March!

Click here to see the full description and images online.
Rates: 1 person: 125euro per night
2 persons: 140euro per night

4. B&B284 – Gisele and Frederic’s B&B is on offer for February. This B&B has 2 rooms available for guests. Perfect for a family or group of 4 looking for a discount. 
Located in the 3rd arrondissement - le marais!
OFFER: Stay 12 nights get 88euro off
If you want both rooms get 168euro off.

the typically parisian lounge
a sumptuous breakfast each morning
Main guest room

second guest room

Click here to see the full description and images on the website
Rates: 1 person: 125euro per night
2 persons: 140euro per night
3 persons: 257 euro per night
4 persons: 260 euro per night

Contact us for any booking enquiries and availabilities on: info@petitepr.com.au
Au revoir for now!

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