Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Petite News - January, what a month!

January is officially over and we have no idea where it went. Did it even happen?? 

Its been a huge month for us at Petite Paris as we've been inundated with booking enquiries thanks to a special feature in 'the traveller' section of the SMH and The Age Newspaper on Saturday the 15th. It was amazing exposure for us! Someone pop the bubbly!! (again)

In addition to this we've secured 2 new B&B's in the 5th arrondissement - thanks to all the requests for this very sought-after cosmopolitan area of Paris we've actively been pushing to grow the number of B&B options in this area. Why is the 5th arrondissement (aka St Germain-des-Pres) so popular? Find out in the next post we're dedicated to the Luxurious Left Bank - what to see, do and a brief history PLUS full description and images of the 2 new B&B's...they're unique beauties exclusive to us!

What else did we cram into this month? We offered various special discounts which are currently still on offer including a 'Paris Romantique' free bottle of champagne offer for Valentines Day Bookings anytime in February. 

See our January Newsletter here: (double click to enlarge)

Plus our monthly Paris Tips: (double click to enlarge)

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