Monday, May 30, 2011

Our new Place

Knock Knock, Welcome and don't forget to wipe your feet as you Enter! haha.

Hi everyone! I wasn't going to spill the beans on our new B&B yet - not until it was up on le website - but its a very grey and grismal uneventful Monday night and i think every one could use a bit of dreamy inspiration so it's hello Facebook and hello Blogger!! :)

So here it is :) A B&B in the 8th arrondissement - a beautiful area that we can finally add to our list, and we're now covering all 20 arrondissements in Paris. What do you think?? Pretty amazing right!

Rates: 155euro per night (1 person)
160euro per night (2 persons)
Third person is possible - contact us for additional rates.

Guest bedroom #1:

Guest Bedroom #2:

A little bit of Decor:

Guests Bathroom:

The magnificent Lounge room:

Enjoy a royal breakfast:

Our next newsletter will be out by the end of the week. Sign up for it on our website for more information on our new B&Bs, availabilties in June and July and other Parisian bits and bobs. Go to the website

Bonne Nuit xxx

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