Sunday, July 3, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Seasons greeting to all of you, our loyal friends! We're celebrating Christmas in July over here at Petite Paris headquarters - aka my ity bity home office -  aka an ity bity corner of my lounge room with my computer shoved in and me jammed in next to it! :)

And why are we celebrating Christmas in July?? Because it's mid-year, winter and cold as I sit here next to my hardworking oven-heater most nights, (except for today - blissful sunny winters day) and my mind keeps wondering off to Paris at Christmas time! My favourite time to visit Paris!! And bien sur, because I want an excuse to offer you all some more great little discounts on our Parisian B&B's :)

Special discounts off ALL bookings made during July. So if you've been holding off booking for whatever reason, this is the time to do it!!

Perhaps you need some are some samples, but please remember ALL B&BS are discounted this month and please contact us for the discounted rate as each B&B is unique and therefore uniquely priced! Or follow our Facebook page for regular posts of B&Bs with their discounted rates. Click here for our facebook page.

1.   B&B365 - An unhosted beautifully decorated apartment in the 18th (Montmartre), for guests private use with full kitchen, bath and laundry access.
1 pers: 119euro per night. IN JULY = 109euro p/night
2 pers: 134euro p/night. IN JULY = 119euro p/night
3 pers: 160euro p/night. IN JULY = 145weuro p/night
To view the full description, photo gallery and map click

 2.   B&B368 - located in the 9th - close to the Opera, Galleries Lafayette, Madeleine and the Tuileries Gardens, this hosted B&B offers a large guest room/suite which is separate from the hosts private living area, and a private ensuite.

1 pers: 135euro p/night. IN JULY = 120euro per night.
2 pers: 140euro p/night. IN JULY = 125euro per night.
Click here to view the full description, photo gallery and map online.

4. B&B308 - a hosted apartment in the marais district offering you a large guest room with private bathroom and free lounge and dining room use, an additional 2nd bedroom with twin beds and its own private bathroom is available for families or groups of 4. All found a very typically french homely apartment.

1 pers: 125euro p/night. IN JULY = 115euro p/night
2 pers: 140euro p/night: IN JULY = 120euro p/night
3 pers: 257euro/per night. IN JULY = 227euro p/night
4 pers: 260euro p/night. IN JULY = 227euro p/night (same as 3 people)
Click here to view the full description, gallery and map online.

5. B&B 327 - A typically French apartment decorated with rustic artistic charm with treasures from around the globe. Canbe hosted or unhosted accommodating up to 6 people.

1 pers: 106euro p/night. IN JULY = 101euro p/night
2 pers: 116 euro p/night. IN JULY = 103euro p/night
3 pers: 226euro p/night. IN JULY = 216euro p/night
4 pers: 237euro p/night. IN JULY = 227euro p/night
5 pers: 335euro p/night. IN JULY = 320euro p/night
6 pers: 340euro p/night. IN JULY = 320euro p/night
click here to view the full description, photo gallery and map online.

 Hope to book your Paris B&B this July!!

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