Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm a blogchick

Hey guys, our little blog is featured in Blogchicks - The Australian Women Bloggers Directory! Needless to say we're veeery excited to be number #90 in the top 100 best Aussie blogs! Hurrahhh! There are some pretty high profile, fancy-shmancy famous blogs that I've spotted on this list so its very flattering :) I hope we can stay there :) Heres the blogchicks website - click.

In other news be have made new French Friends. France in Melbourne is a website dedicated to everything French in Melbourne - was that not clear?!! :D

It has lots of info and reviews and promos for french shops, food, cafes, restaurants, cinema, tv, french radio and french events around Melbourne. Plus heaps of travel information about France and Paris with accommodation and flight tips-offs. You can even sign up to receive notifications of cheap flight deals to Paris. How great is that?!!

At the moment V Australia partnered with Etihad Airways are offering discounted flights from Sydney and Melbourne to Paris. So if your planning on going for next summer perhaps, now is a good time to catch some great deals. Click here.

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