Sunday, January 22, 2012

Paris apartment #376 - our photos

While we were in Paris, we inspected many of our make sure the B&Bs were up to scratch of course for all our travelling guests! One that I personally really loved and hadn't seen before was this one...Isabelle and Pascals B&B in the pretty Montmartre village - B&B376 - and i was very pleasantly surprised and taken aback and how much nicer and LARGER it was than what I had come to expect - based on the photos on our website!! This made me think that perhaps all our B&Bs need a complete photographic re-haul to depict exactly what they are like...for a truer illustration!

Anyway that's a job for me. For now here are the photo graphs I took of this B&B - I went a little crazy with the camera snapping but I really loved it - the quaintness, antique rustic charm about it - it has a fantastic feel inside!

At this B&B you firstly get a private entry into the apartment separate to your hosts (Isabelle and Pascal). When you walk in you have in front of you 2 door ways - the left leads to an office (bureau) room which then leads to your bedroom and also the bathroom is found here. Both are very large, clean, comfortable, bright. The bathroom has a Jacuzzi too!

The door on the right is the way to your own VERY LARGE lounge and dining room where you can relax and where breakfast is served.

Really its like having your own entire apartment minus the kitchen because this is Isabelles domain. she will serve you in your dining room delicious french breakfasts daily!
Isabelle and Pascal own the entire floor of this building - it is 4 apartments turned into one. Their quarter is next to yours and they are always available to help you whenever (if ever) you need it.

Special touches are all the travel memoribilia found throughout your B&B from Isabelle and Pascals travels particularly ot sth Africa - fascinating amd makes for a very quaint and interesting place to stay - kind of like a museum.

We think for what you get at this B&B, it is major value.
110euro per night for 1 person and
115euro per night for 2 persons!!

We offer special discounts in Jan and February too so enquire now!!

Hope you like it!! Here is the link to the full online description on our website:

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