Wednesday, April 11, 2012

VoulezVouloz .. parlez vous francaise??

Bonjour mes amis! Its half way through a short week and that feels pretty 'doux'. Thats French for 'Sweet'! ...or is it??!! 'Duce'? Douche'?? .. meh!!
If you’re in the same sad boat and you’re travelling to Paris (hopefully staying in one of our gorgeous B&B apartments), then our latest partner offer might be just the ticket for you to start speaking or improving your French before you jet! From VoulezVouloz – receive $10 discount on any lesson or lesson package. 

No time to get to a class? Don’t worry VoulezVouloz offer French Lessons that come to you in Melbourne and the Central Coast! Before work, after work, at your home, in a cafe, wherever you are an experienced native or experienced French tutor will come to you. 
You can book lessons monthly, fortnightly, weekly or more frequently according to your needs and schedule. Going to Paris in just a few weeks? No problem! Simply sign up to our newsletter on our website (click here) to receive your password to take up this offer.
 Now I must get lessons myself! duce?? Doux? Douche?? meh!! 
 Even if you’re just visiting the capital for a few days, the wonderful sense of connectedness with the Parisian people, culture and life, will make for a much richer experience. You can connect more with your Parisian hosts at your B&B too and try to exchange in a bit of French as well as English! ... Besides there’s nothing worse than giving a perfect perky performance of ‘hello how are you’  only to be followed by an pathetic mumble of 'Je ne comprends/parle pas français'... ha!

About VoulezVouloz 

French lessons to suit all tastes! 

VoulezVouloz provids expert, friendly French lessons and classes that come to you. Their French teachers aren’t just native French speakers, they’re qualified teachers with many years of French tutoring experience. Known for our excellent service, great value and teaching methods that work. With VoulezVouloz you’ll learn French fast!


More reasons to choose VoulezVouloz?

The personal touch: Unlike large French classes  (where students are at various levels), with our private French lessons and tailored group sessions you’ll get personal attention that’s just right for you.

Great value: We work hard to ensure our lessons are affordable and offer great value to our French students.

Bespoke teaching materials: We carefully prepare teaching materials based on your level of  confidence with French. These include, games, vocab sheets, homework and more!

Special offers: To help you stay motivated and committed to learning French we have a great range of Special offers and promotions to keep you on track.

 No hidden fees: With VoulezVouloz there are no enrolment fees, no admin fees, no travel expenses and all teaching materials are included in the price.

Fun: We believe that the more you enjoy your French lessons, the faster you’ll learn. That’s why our tutors will develop an engaging, bespoke lesson plan that keeps you interested.
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