Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Petite Paris Party

Happy Birthday to us
Happy Birthday to us 
Happy Birthday to uh-us
Happy Birthday to us! 

Bonjour friends, its a special day today! We are TWO years old!! 

2 amazing years of building our very proudly Australian website and service to where it is now and we couldn't be prouder or happier. Thank you to all our guests, friends and followers for being so amazingly supportive and inspiring. Petite certainly wouldn't be where it is now if it were not for all the amazing referrals to friends and family and glowing reports. Our hosts have done so well in looking after each and every guest and so a thank you to our Paris Hosts too. And to the AMAZING travel journos and media support who paid attention to us as we attempted to co-exist with all the big-guns of the Paris apartment booking services. So grateful! What a push!...

SO ... Merci tout le monde from the deepest sincerest part of our little petite paris hearts hehehe 

At this point in time, we now officially have 90 Paris apartments on the website! As of last week! Crazily this puts us right up there as one of the largest Paris apartment booking websites! What really? Pinch me please! Check it OUT

And there is only more to come, more growth, services and certainly more apartments! 

Now to celebrate this occasion: (to start with hehe) our most prestigious B&B, the beauty the travel journos all go ga-ga over, will on special for bookings in Paris from November to March!

B&B359 and B&B241 are 2 stunning and immaculate guest rooms located in the one home right in the middle of the seine on the residential and upscale Isl St Louis. Its a grand typically parisian antique home beautifully presented by Carol who is of English origin. Carol is by far our most loyal experienced and amazing! Guests love her and her beautifully presented home, the location and her fresh, delicious and generous breakfasts! 

B&B359 is 175euro per night reduced from 230euro. A Huge 55euros off Per/Night! That's a lovely dinner out each evening oui??! :) 

Read about this B&B on our website with images and map here

Scroll down for room #241 and discount details...

B&B241 (below) is 180euro per night reduced from 224euro. Read about this room here

Contact us with your dates to find out if these rooms are free for your trip to Paris anytime during November, January to March 2013. 

MERCI!! :) 

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