Monday, December 17, 2012

Paris Homes have a Ssssh Story to tell...

For your next Paris holiday, immerse yourself in a truly French experience with Petite Paris by staying in someone’s home. Unique, interesting and ‘real’ homes with stories to tell have made our charming Bed & Breakfast service an increasingly popular alternative to a hotel for Australians. 

Try these:

An 1850s mansion boasting 8m high ceilings, glass dining room, open terrace, decorated with worldly treasures from generations past and a Victorian bath-lounge. Bed & Breakfast #279 is Clara’s spectacular apartment in Paris often featured in magazine shoots and films.
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Built in 1859 by Gustav Eiffel at the same time as his Eiffel Tower and made of the same metallic materials this building is made up of different artists workshops and is included in guided tours of Paris. Tourists are always surprised by this strange construction. The façade of the building (of Bed & Breakfast 331) will be registered soon with the Historical Monuments in Paris, the artists studio then being considered as part of the Parisian patrimony. With a 6m high ceiling in a 200m2 loft over 2 levels, guests enjoy and an authentic atmosphere of the artists workshops from the end of the 19th Century and worldly treasures decorated throughout. Click here

Near the famous district of Montparnasse, located in a paved street dating from the 18th Century, where only residents are to be seen walking their dogs, B&B130 is an architectural haven. Architects are surprised by the interior of this residence composed on a reassembly of post-offices from the beginning of the century. Click here!

 Bed & Breakfast 310 is a bright loft of130m2 and has been completely designed by Anne-Claude, your host. It’s located inside what was once an old Parisian cinema studio now converted into apartments. Click here! 

 B&B 361 was built in the 18th Century. Sober without any particular architecture it hides a story and uncommon history. It was the property of the Abbesses of the Church Saint Jean de Montmartre on Abbesses Square, divided into 3 levels. The 1st floor was the living quarter of the community of the Abbesses, 2nd floor was the praying room and 3rd floor was for the dormitories of the abbesses. It has belonged in Alexander’s family for over 130 years. Click here! 

A private mansion built in 1890 on the old gardens of Tivoli; at the time the house of the courtesan. It was purchased by your hosts grandparents. Bed & Breakfast 295 boasts a 100m2 garden, charming traditional Parisian architecture, decor resembling the interior of French castles and family antique furniture. Click here! 

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