Monday, February 4, 2013

This week in Paris...

January 28th: in the wee hours of the morning i rise...picking up fresh fleurs for fresh inspiration, fresh ideas, for a fresh new week...@ Anais @ Rue Montorgueil - wishing you a colourful week, from Petite Paris x

January 28th: No more black & white, Paris is blue & green again!! YAY! Sunny has replaced snowy & what a glorious SUNday it was! everyone came out from their warm hiding places to bask in the glow, read in the shine, gloves came off as the temperature warmed, lovers strolled - young & old, friends lounged & laughed, smiles of relief from park creperie vendors, dogs bouncing & barking, as for me i went a little crazy with my new camera! Amazing what a little sun can create - a lovely luxembourg jardin moment for you all! I hope you like :)

January 28th: paris buildings and eiffel tower sunsets. the never ending wonder...

January 28th: i really shouldnt but..too late! we all deserve some dessert loving on Mondays :)

January 28th: bonne nuit from B&B301 and its spectacular paris view

January 29th: bonjour pretty parisian rooftops, sunny blue sky, the morning metro, the smell of coffee, the newspaper stands, ooh paris to my you are le Monde...

January 29th: today i was on the hunt for more paris tearooms. special unique ones ... and i found it. La Charlotte de I'Isle!! A gorgeous, quaint bit of heaven on the Isl St Louis. amazingly hidden and mostly missed by the masses even though its in a touristic area. Its now my best friend for Hot Chocolate - so incredible and served in gorgeous Japanese tea sets. Add cakes, sweet and savory and this is simply divine. The rest of my afternoon was spent loving Le Latin Quarter starting from the beautiful Pantheon building. One of my favourite spots for its seriously moody, narrow streets, old buildings, incredible churches and mysteriously quaint ambience. Old world intellectual Paris - rustic and authentic. Ill be returning for a further dawdle soon with more pics. promise :)
Where is it? -Charlotte de i'Isle - 24 Rue Saint Louis en I'lle 75004

January 30th: macaron morning...nothing wrong with that. Bonjour!! : )

January 30th: pssst...our Paris February newsletter is OUT! See it here...B&B news, specials offers, Paris tips, our fave places, things to do/see... COME TO PARIS!! enjoy:

January 30th: loving le apartment! ... just reposting this paris apartment because in addition to being chic and amazing it is also ON SPECIAL!!! From 210euro to 165euro for 2 people for stays in Paris from now until May! bedroom, ensuite, kitchenette, living space, garden entry, chic interior. Superb! Contact moi for availability, more info, images etc -

 January 30th: coffee o'clock @ Café de Flore. a cult cafe must! :)

January 31st: how many times can i eat breakfast in one day? Ill soon find out... Inspecting paris apartments all day today... and here is breakfast at B&B #1...omg!! Bonjour everyone :) happy Thursday!

January 31st: 4.33pm and i think thats a wrap, ready to stop work ready for aperitif hour(s) ... here are the 5 Paris homes we visited today! all available, perfect, and ready for you, for your next trip to Paris... :) i love these Paris apartments - some cosy, quaint and rustic, some grand and old world, but all very beautiful...

January 31st: ♥ this, beautiful dusks you can only find a paris - and that special mysterious, enchanting, romantic mood they create within..

January 31st: where are we in paris ... treating out hardwork to a cocktail or 2 @ 180 degree bar at the top of the Hotel Pullman - its a pop up bar. 180 degrees for 180 days only! So if you want an iconic photo snapping moment between now and June 7th, visit the rooftop bar. the warmer months on the terrace should be spectacular... Le madam eiffel, is amazing so close...

February 1st: wake up in Paris. how about here... :) 

details of this Paris apartment for your next holiday found here:

February 1st: remember when it snowed in paris... hehehe

February 1st: ce soir a paris...a bit of bohemian shoulder rubbing over a funk jam session Caveau des Oubliettes - this is an underground cave/dungeon, with a real gritty, raw ambience and a wonderful musical venue for anyone who loves impromptu funk, soul, acoustic creativity... having a ball and loving experiencing the fullness of Paris' culture both refined and rustic! best part - your in the St Germain/Latin Quarter so a midnight stroll in the most eerily enchanting streets in Paris is the perfect ending to a happy Friday! bonne nuit everyone :)

February 2nd: there's something so delicious about discovering a new old street in Paris. A corner, path or junction of cute cobblestone that you somehow missed... suddenly the city is new again. it an exciting moment/spot being in fresh awe all over again at Paris' continually unfolding beauty...thankyou my love! hehe!! are some of today's shots about town :)

February 3rd: in paris even the pavement is beautiful, after the rain, when reflecting lamp posts and paris haussmann buildings so poetically perfect. Good morning everyone :)

February 3rd: i love random discoveries just waliking the streets of PAris...where I unexpectedly and delightfully stopped for lunch. oysters and wine. miam!!!!!

au revoir :)

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