Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Petite Paris Story

Going to Paris? Visit:
www. petiteparis.com.au
·      For over 90 B&B and apartment options
·      Personalised service - matching apartments to guest needs
·      Free Paris travel advice
·      Paris Insiders Guide eBook for daily itinerary planning.

Petite Paris is the Australian online service, offering a select network of quality, charming B&B accommodations in the ‘real’ homes of everyday Parisians and private apartments in all arrondissements of Paris, in all budgets and styles.

Petite Paris acts as the middleman between Australian travellers who want to discover the ‘real’ Paris and live in real Paris homes and Parisian hosts who have turned their apartments/guest rooms into quaint B&B lodgings. 

Allowing guests to search online for their perfect Parisian home by neighbourhood, budget or by ‘type’ (i.e hosted or un-hosted, basic or deluxe, garden apartments, 2 or more beds/rooms, studios, child friendly, access friendly and more) Petite Paris provides 100% direct communicative service from initial contact, helping select a B&B to suit individual needs, to final booking in one of the very diverse B&B living arrangements on offer.

Paris insider tips and recommendations for the latest best-of-the-best and unique things to do and see, not found in regular guide books, are also offered with the Petite Paris City Guide eBook downloadable for iPads, iPhones and PDF and hardcopy gloss books are also available. 

About the B&B’s:
Each Parisian B&B and host has been chosen for possessing excellent service, décor, atmosphere, architecture and beautiful surroundings. Practically all B&Bs are within 5 mins of a metro. The selection is diverse from romantic suites, historic and luxurious mansions, to simple B&B’s. All have a special homely touch and feel. Un-hosted apartments are also available.

About the Hosts:
Hosts are professional, attentive, always available yet discreet and respectful. Warm and friendly, they love to meet travellers from all cultures and welcome them into their homes like friends rather than paying guests. They are diverse and include artists, theatre directors, interior decorators, antique dealers, actors/actresses, event producers, radio personalities, families, singles, couples and more.  Travellers are welcomed with the assurance they will receive any assistance needed regarding the many wonders of Paris. 

View the full Petite Paris B&B listing at www.petiteparis.com.au

For press enquiries, images of further information about home-stay lodging in Paris, contact Regina Ferreira at info@petitepr.com.au

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