Monday, April 22, 2013

Map Nerd (Paris Map of course)

Shopping for a B&B Apartment has never been so much fun!!! With this little google map I've created to help pinpoint exactly where our B&Bs all are located, it's fun even for me...which is crazy because I know where they all are... hahah!

Have a browse, go to your favourite landmark, street or other special spot and see which B&B is lurking around the corner, begging to be booked. If you click on the icon, you can view the full details/images/rates for that B&B :) 

This may be a great way to see which B&Bs are within walking distance from each-other - perfect for groups that may need to book more than one B&B/Apartment :) 

Also fun to see how you might want to navigate on foot your new neighbourhood and checking out the closest google listed and best rated cafes, restos, bar, shops and so on!

I could go one step further and provide navigation guides to all the landmarks nearby each B&B - but that would be crazy! Wouldnt it?? Besides I already have this crazy page attributed to my not-so secret map love!
(my nerdy-ness is leaking)

Ok, enough the map and enjoy. I hope you all find it useful, somehow :) au revoir

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