Thursday, May 16, 2013

Paris Top 5 Cheap Stays

Bonjour Budget Travellers. Ca Va?

Last we posted our Top 5 Cheap EATS in Paris. The cheapest places to eat which surprisingly are also the most delicious and best value for money! i.e The famed Le Comptoir Restaurant in the St Germain de Pres, notoriously known for its old world upscale ambience and french fare, sits on a bustle people-watching corner - and serves the cheapest and most amazing tasting Croque Monsieur! Who would have guessed...

This week we're posting our PARIS Top 5 Cheap STAYS as the second part to our 'CHEAP' Paris Guide. Oh My! Did I just say that? Sorry my Paris, you are anything but Cheap hehe 

Of course these Top 5 abodes are Our Top 5 sleeping-abodes are simple and sweet, Petite Paris budget B&B's that start at 90euro p/night for 2 guests. Including breakfast. Staying with a local Parisian in their real home is the greatest value for authentic cultural experience your money can by. You don’t need to go to a cold, cubical hostel to save money.


1. B&B133 – Chez Leopoldine. A B&B located in the 15th arrondissement offering a charming guestroom and bathroom. It is 94euro per night for 2 guests including breakfast.  View this B&B here:

2. B&B132 – Chez Marie Cecile. This is an ideal option for the solo traveller looking for security, warmth and company. Located in the 15th, guests are offered a guestroom and bathroom for 90euro per night for 2 guests including breakfast

3. B&B327 – Chez Alain a central B&B apartment decorated in a mix of modern-retro antique chic, located in the 2nd arrondissement. Guests are offers a lovely guest room and bathroom for 105euro per night for 2 guests including fresh breakfasts daily. View this B&B:

4. B&B335 – Chez Aline - a superb antique decorated home in the 13th.  Aline welcomes guests like friends and offers a sweet and impeccable guestroom with bathroom and organic fresh breakfasts daily for 109euro per night for 2 guests including breakfast.

5. B&B135 Chez Anne. An artist’s abode in the 15th, Anne welcome guests into her cosy apartment offering a guestroom and ensuite for 109euro/night for 2 guests including breakfast

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