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Paris. My absolute BEST special peoples list!!!

I got an email from a friend in Paris yesterday, asking me where are the absolute BEST places to eat and listen to music/dance in Paris?? ... and after scouring our 150 page petite paris eGuide book, I came up with the absolute friends and family top secret list ... my very intimate personally narrowed down spots, the picks of the bunch, for my special people ... and then figured fb friends are my virtual family too. Soo... here is my little typo-filled, bad grammatically, unpunctual, miss-spelt, cut up sentenced and badly put-together email back to him... the best of Paris for ALL my special people

Hey Bel,
So awesome you are in Paris Im aiming to be back in Paris in Sept :)

Ohh ya Id be happy to recommend some places. How long are you there? I could list a million places and revolve all your days around food and music haha (btw dont forget the 21st is the 'fete de musique', street music all over the city, on streets, in parks, in random bars you can walk in casually, from sundown to sunrise.

Underground Jazz Joint if you want to be blown away by awesome local talent - Caveau des Oubliettes -

Funk Jazz place that usually has international acts - New Morning!

Les Disquairies - soul funk hip hop and rnb - good drinks, in the Bastille area.

Le Pompon is local and cool too for different twist on soul/funk. In the 10th


BEST EVER traditional yet trendy Bar - Le Fumoir - YOU MUST GO for pre dinner drinks atleast - if theres a line (usually is), its worth it! Near Louvre-Rivoli metro

OR Lizard Lounge (Marais)

La Pearle - the hippest be seen place with interesting people and cheap drinks and food.

Experimental Cocktail Bar! classier sophisticated snooty type. love it.

Le Baron ROuge - traditional small old school bar but good!

nightclub: I dont do these so much so im not very cluey here:
But the latest hippest new nightclub that the parisians dress up for - Silencio! I liked the old diff songs they played, obscure stuff you havent heard in years.

I went to Buddha Bar last trip and its still rockin too.

Le Matignon - if you want to see something modern fancy, special. Quite expensive from memory but they do music too - like a buddha bar experience -

Frenchie! Contemporary French - down a quiet alleyway you would never otherwise walk down, real nice. Must reserve, gets booked out and not open weekends. Weird huh! across the alley is their 'sister' bar so if you cant get a seat at resto you can go across t the bar and still do bar food -

Bistro Paul Bert! Brasserie type.

Chez Janou - very cute traditional and yummy food! Like Mamas kitchen type, but French

Les Papilles - a winery/brasserie - casual comfory just a wall of wine and some simple tables set up - i went there alot with locals more, they love that set up -

Breizh Cafe - the BEST crepes - must do! even if just lunch! In the Michelin guides -

Candelaria - also a fun bar hang out spot! communal, mexican and fun -

you breakfast nut: (best eggs in all paris if you are there on a sunday) - Cafe Charlot! Also awesome for dinner and drinks.

Coffee-head: cafeotheque (near the seine in the 2nd/3rd).


Or Telescope (Aussie owners)!
OR Ten Belles (Aussie owners)
Aussies have a reputation in Paris now for opening good coffee spots in Paris - finally good coffee in Paris! haha

If you are in the Marais and want something diff: Chez Hanna, is a really packed popular Falafel place (I went there with Ally 2 years ago

You already know Le Comptoir Restaurant remember?! still awesome. 

 I could go on forever. Stop me now! and if you want the montmartre area, i could give a whole other endless list haha

have a blast D!

"Wow this list is awesome thank you!

I forgot you now do this for a living;)
Can't wait to check these places out it's always hard initially finding places.

Going to Montemarte today so any recommendations would be great.
Thanks again much appreciated"

You are so welcome!!
YOu guys are going to have a blast in Paris. 9 nights is sweet. I hope all the rest of europe has been amazing too.
for montmartre. Take 'M' to the amelie cafe if you havent already thought it. Touristy but not too much, i like it alot. Cafe des 2 moulins -

hotel Terrass, has AWESOME view of paris up top - cocktails/drinks!!!!

Cafe Marcel is great food and cool atmosphere for a lunch, more modern than parisian and off on a quiet street.

Coquelicot - for breaky or lunch!


Dinner: Le Sancerre is right on that busy strip, in fact any of those places are decent food for price and good people watching! - 

Une Zebra a Montmartre is cool little dinner place too!

Or Mon Oncle! great one!

BEST boulangerie is Gontran Cherrier! most famous in Paris right now! -

there is a super rustic teeny tiny bar call les canons. so tiny you might have to stand on the street to drink, but its very 
local no tourists at all, might be interesting, it was close to where i stayed so was there alot and liked it!
Also: Tholoze Bar! -
No problemo bar!
La Famille! love this tiny place!!! -

montmartre bars are generally much more rustic and gritty but 'real' 

Funky street to hit to look for other random bars is rue des Martyrs, leads down all the way into the 10th.


Shops for 'M' - La Boutique Noir is a tiny but cool womens designer consignment store. i find all sorts of stuff there I cant afford but buy anyway -

live music - Cigalle. Cover entry fee though can be expensive - BUT awesome performers. underground International types!! -


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