Thursday, February 19, 2015

What is a B&B? A 'REAL' 'B&B'???

Bed and Breakfast in Paris. What is a B&B? It is not a private apartment rental listed freely on public websitesl ...ahem (quality control)!! A B&B is supposed to be a real full cultural immersion in the cities culture where you are staying. An intimate quality experience of life in 'Paris'... staying in a B&B is staying a real home with a real Parisian host, offered a quality B&B guestroom in the home, breakfast served to you daily by your hospitable and professional (experienced) host and lots of city advice and friendly tips offered daily. Although quality and professionalism is 100% guaranteed its more like staying with a family member rather than a hotel or empty apartment. 

And what promises quality, impeccable homes and B&Bs? A service like ours that specialises in B&B, quality hand picked homes, meeting the Paris Tourism Convention B&B Quality of Charter, regular inspections, we ARE B&B professionals!! No quality risks or surprises when you turn up at your B&B home, charming homes ONLY, i.e TRUE B&B's and TRUE B&B service! Dont be fooled dear paris lovers by the term B&B' being used. ahem ahem (risking a little controversy here) p.s did you know that empty apartment rentals are illegal in Paris?! poops petite spill..!! :) 

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