Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Paris Room-mate or Professional host. AirBnB falsely uses B&B term!!

Hey guys, last week I contacted a couple of Airbnb hosts in Paris to ask about their intentions and reasons for listing as B&B hosts for all you travellers ... As the Director of Petite Paris B&Bs, a boutique service dedicated to authentic classic professional B&B services, I know I have to know my competition in order to better define my service! ...  But not in a cheating way, no clever marketing angles to promote the same service (our services are clearly different) but by continuing to inform and show travellers in new ways the basic essentials  of WHAT IS a B&B? and WHAT is a B&B SERVICE? The difference between a system like AirBNB and a Real B&B Service lies in the answer to these questions..

Here is what one Paris Airbnb host named Sara said to us via Airbnb message:

"I'm only really doing this until Christmas, I couldnt bare to have strangers in my home even if they are nice"... 

OK sure, many of us can understand that and probably even feel the same. 

There is nothing wrong with Sara, except that she's offering her home to travellers when she shouldn't be... not if she cared about travellers (her guests) and their travel experience more than she cared about her own pocket. 

So why does she? Because she can with Airbnb making it possible for her to earn some quick cash. But poor travellers who should stay in Sara's home... who wants to end up with a grudging 'room-mate' rather than a professional, kind host.

As a B&B professional service if we ever came across a host with this mindset we would never list them on our website. And so we learn by this 'angle' WHAT IS A real B&B... It's staying with a local who is a committed professional registered B&B host, a special, generous and openly hospitable person dedicated to the B&B service. A person who fits the B&B vocation (yes its a profession and full time job) has the natural urge and love of hosting guests in their homes. They WANT to meet worldly travellers, provide breakfast and helpful city tips to create a wonderful cultural experience. All in a polished and professional yet intimately caring manner. Rooms are kept to hotel quality standards and meet the B&B Quality of Charter.  Many B&B hosts have other jobs too, they do not need money, the B&B is labour of love. But they dedicate their entire LIVES to it

A Real B&B SERVICE is one that focuses on obtaining and acquiring through a very select professional (personal) selection process, only true B&Bs and genuine B&B hosts of this nature; that inspects and maintains all B&Bs continually; and that ultimately is as contactable and helpful as your B&B host. ie. we are not a booking self-listing machine. We search in person for our homes, we help our guests select and book their ideal home and we take care of guest during and post booking where needed, one-on-one!

To wrap up a question dear Petite Paris followers:  When you enter someones house as a traveller/visitor/guest, how do you want to feel? Welcomed and wanted right? (I hope so) or kinda like a nuisance staying with someone who probably doesn't really want you there but will 'put-up' with you for your few nights to make a buck?

OK not ALL Air B&Bs are false. Many hosts are legitimate, but how do you know with no filtering system or quality control OR ANY COMMITMENT to offering only genuine quality B&Bs?  That's not what Airbnb is about! Therefore it is not a real B&B service. Just so you know! Just 'staying' at someones home is not a B&B service either. 

For the record below is our reply to Sara: (and if you want to know which B&B is Sara's - to avoid of course - we're not telling!! :P  (of course we can't anyway) But maybe you may understand the risk in booking blindly through Airbnb! And that is our whole point. Exclamation Point.

p.s should we tell you about the 87th-or-something email this year from a traveller who desperately needed our sincere human help as she was literally left stranded in Paris due to a fake Airbnb home? NAAAH! We tell you about those so much...  :P 

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