Friday, February 26, 2016

Chocolate Paris. Easter is coming!


Easter in Paris is spectacular on the eye and the palette, its a fun playful time of year especially with the invigorating arrival of Spring!

Here is a little Easter Extract taken from our Petite Paris City Guide eBook for our TOP: 
Chocolatiers & Patisseries

TIP: Most Chocolatiers and Restaurants in general are closed Easter Sunday and Monday.

1. Patrick Roger
See AMAZING Easter sculptures at whimsical and true Chocolatier artist Patrick Roger. Find giant sculptures in the window all year round, but at easter - its special! Trays upon trays of chocolate varieties too.
108 Boulevard St Germain MAP
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2. Pierre Herme
Join the worship queue at the altar of Pastry 'God' Pierre Herme's boutique - a swanky, sophisticated shop with tarts, chocolates, ice cream,cakes and macarons. TRY: Pierre's CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS at EASTER (pictured) otherwise TRY: Gourmandises Constellation, Vanilla Tart and Rose/Lycee Croissant
4 rue Cambon 75001 MAP  
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3. Jean Paul Hevin
Custom flavoured chocolate master chef found here and one of the most famed and sought Chocolatiers in Paris
231 rue St Honore 75001 MAP
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4. Jean Charles Rochoux
Elegant, Classic Chocolaterie. This Pristine chocolate shop and workshop will overwhelm you. Stepping into this wonderland, the smell of rich chocolate permeating the air will send you cocoa crazy. You will find intricate chocolate sculptures and a serious collection of bonbons. TRY: Dipped chocolates and Gianduja - enrobed almonds and the most delicious caramelised hazelnut paste.
16 rue d'Asses 75006 MAP
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5: Jacques Genin
Genin is a reputable chocolate and caramel maker in Pais supplying major hotels with sweet treats. He started the made-to-order 'mille-feuille' craze - a creamcustard slice aka Napoleon. The modern shop is immaculate and includes an in-house cafe. TRY: Tart au Citron, Caramels, eclairs and ...chocolates, of course.
133 rue de Tureene 75003 MAP
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6. Un Dimanche a Paris
A sleek chocolate shop that doesnt stop at just chocolates and pastries. It's also a restaurant and chocolate lounge where mixologists will customise a chocolate cocktail for you. Shelves are devoted to Caramels and sweet sauces, madeleine's, brownies, cookies, cakes, hot chocolate and more. It's a real fantasy! TRY: La TartletteFraise Coco or Citron and Le Merveilleux.
4-8 Cour du Commerce St.Andre 75006 MAP
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Dining in Paris @ Easter

One of the few restaurants that remain open (Brunch and Lunch only) on the Easter holiday is the chic and EGG-cellent:

(how fitting)

This is a small concept restaurant where eggs are the star ingredient. There’s no ambiguity here, its all about eggs and poultry (from the egg shaped lights to the porcelain egg shaped salt shakers). With a menu that centers around all things having to do with eggs (and there is a SPECIAL Easter menu yearly) its also perfect for a summer day lunch , Sunday brunch or a break from a day shopping in the boutique heavy neighborhood of the Saint Germain des Pres.

11, Rue Bernard Palissy 75006 MAP
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