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Where the Parisians Go... Exclusive! NEW! Feature!

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'WHERE the Parisians Go...'

The first photograph of a human ever taken was in Paris (by Louis Daguerre in 1838 of a shoe polisher). The world has been obsessed with Parisians ever since; what they do, say, wear, eat and for visitors in Paris, where they go.

With 46 million visitors in 2015 it is no surprise Parisians like to keep some places to themselves. But there are Parisians who want to share their secrets. Petite Paris B&B hosts with 10-15 years B&B experience break the 'code' on exclusive hidden spots near their B&Bs in Paris.

Maxime, an Interior Decorator, lives in a converted artists home in the 19th, a tranquil part of Paris with an authentic village feel; and offers a guest suite with Petite Paris. Nearby is hilltop village 'Butte Bergeyre' accessible only by 3 staircases, with panoramic views of Paris and a delightful secret vineyard and vegetable garden to make your own. ‘There are even Parisians who do not know this place’ says Maxime. Pull up a garden chair, open a bottle of wine, gaze at the view and give a nod of knowing appreciation to the few Parisians there. This is where you go to
ESCAPE like a Parisian.
View Maximes B&B home HERE

 Despite what entertainment tells us, Parisians are not sitting around drinking Dom Perignon, eating Laduree macarons and staring out their window at the Eiffel, they are enjoying a romantic quiet life of food, art, community and international culture. Oh and French country side - read on!

Helene, an art lover and decorator, offers guests a romantic suite in her home and the opportunity to be
ARTISTIC like a Parisian. Instead of the Art Museums Helene leads guests to Ateliers Rose Selavy (website) where Parisians go to draw, paint (nude models) sculpt, sew, collage, anything creative or simply observe artists at work.
View Helenes B&B home HERE

Or for a unique local museum experience, La Maison Loo is a favourite Eastern art museum amongst the locals, located in a Chinese Pagoda, a structure that stands out amongst the Haussmann's

Jozsef, lives in the 10eme in the up-and-coming bohemian district of St Martin Canal. Nearby he spills about Le Comptoir General (website), a jewel of a nightspot and Parisian hangout with eclectic style, djs, outdoor courtyard and live bands. Sip a cocktail perched on a well travelled old suitcase, browse witchcraft cabinets or talk to Parisian bobo lounging on a barber’s chair in the African hair salon. This is where you go to
PARTY like a Parisian
 View Jozsef's B&B home HERE

Parisians escape to the countryside without ever having to leave the city. Secret flowering laneways and passages lead you to Provence and one quick portal is via Rue des Thermopyles in the 14th and the labyrinth of streets around it. Martine’s B&B home (a Sorbonne University teacher) is seconds from ‘Provence’. Walk to this heavenly hideaway where nearby is la Cite Bauer where neighbours sit and chat on their doorstep. The 14th is
where you go to PROVENCE
View Martine's B&B home HERE

Where Parisians go for ENTERTAINMENT is the classic La Pantheon Palace cinemas in the 5eme, Latin Quarter. But dinner first! Jacqueline, a B&B professional offers French and Italian cooking lessons in her home and loves sharing meals with guests. She also recommends a locals favourite La Cappanina - a popular Italian restaurant with beautiful terrace. It sits on that winding street Rue de la Montagne, where Hemingway and his buddies pick up Owen Wilson on the steps of St Etienne du Mont. After dinner head to Pantheon Palace, this is where Parisians go to EAT
 View Jacqueline's B&B home HERE

Madness and magic go together in Paris; Parisians love the mysterieux and to be both amused and dubious. In a little corner of the 20th, Anne points you towards a secret near her B&B home; a curious caravan decorated with mystic imagery sits very appropriately at the entry of Pere Lachaise cemetery. It is the home of Altiz, a fortune teller and tarot card reader. 10euro will get you a very quirky memorable experience with Altiz, a world traveller born inside a caravan on a fairground, and your future. This is
where Parisians go for a little MAGIC!!
View Anne B&B home HERE

Parisians shop in unique, chic and affordable Parisian fashion boutiques in charming local neighbourhoods. Marie-Christine is your guide to the REAL Marais shopping district, the ‘Haut Marais’ -
where the Parisians  go to SHOP. Tangles of streets behind rue Bretagne and rue Charlot with boutiques selling up and coming labels and Parisian classics for that effortless Parisian “bobo” look. Visit Caravane for home wares.
View Marie's B&B home HERE

Those who stay with Natacha in her rooftop B&B are usually looking for a more authentic experience of Paris away from the touristic areas; and nearby are two such spots. The Parc des Buttes Chaumont, which means one thing to most Parisians: drinks at Rosa Bonheur, the infamous watering hole for a bottle of house rose - this is
where Parisians go to DRINK. And the Petite Ceinture a 19mile belt of abandoned railway with community garden cared for by 450 community members. Among flowerbeds Parisians settle into chairs to read or play a game of scrabble. There is a chic café La Recyclerie and art events are held here. This is where Parisians go for COMMUNITY and NATURE.
View Natacha's B&B home HERE

Peet is a chef, TV personality and professional local B&B host leading guests to some of his favourite local gourmet shops in the 10th. Rue Faubourg-St Denis is an area not often talked about yet ‘where all cultural and ethnic differences live together in harmony combined with very trendy places to eat and drink’. This is where Parisians go for INTERNATIONAL CUISINE for authentic Indian, African and Middle Eastern food.
View Peets B&B home HERE

Visit Petite Paris B&Bs to book more than just a home in Paris; but a doorway into the Parisians Paris and go where the Parisians go:

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