Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The truth about Paris' neighbourhoods - where to stay

The TRUTH about

Paris is small. Each year we live in Montmartre in the furthest point of the city centre, the Louvre, Opera, all the hotspots. And it takes us 15mins to reach the centre of Paris from our home (FYI there is a metro station within 2 mins walk of any of our homes) So to start, be assured no matter where you live in Paris, you are no more than 20 mins to the heart of it all and all the attractions that you want to see. So you dont have to feel like you need to be in the touristic traps, the central hotspots which can be chaotic at times. 

Second there are the most quaint enchanting and authentic residential neighbourhoods in these outer areas; tranquil villages with that old world Parisian atmosphere, family friendly away from the crazy bustle of the city where you will mingle with the real Parisians.

Third, every neighbourhood has its own village life with cafes, brasseries, bars, boulangeries, shops, parks museums, local markets etc and each of these suburbs blend into one another with MORE cafes, boulangeries and beautiful places. So you dont have to feel that if you are not in the centre you are not getting the full idyllic romantic and bustling Parisian experience, you are! Everything that the centre has the neighbourhoods have, save the lourve, eiffel etc.

Fourth, homes are generally more budget friendly in the outer arrondissements, with cheaper restaurants and cafes too

Finally you can indulge in one of those idyllic terrace homes with sweeping city views, you cant get being in the centre!

OUR FAVOURITE neighbourhood: 19th see our B&S and apartments in this village HERE

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