Tuesday, October 12, 2010

November to February in Paris

Exciting news! We are offering discounts on stays in Paris from November to February!! So if your on a budget holiday, or just love really great value, check out our B&B apartments on our website (www.petiteparis.com.au), let your jaw drop and the drool seep from the corner crevices of your open mouth over our amazing prices, then contact us (info@petitepr.com.au), to find out what further discount we can offer you....just remember to keep breathing!!!

What else has been happening this month? Our family tree has grown - more new B&B's! These are not on the website yet but full details will be online soon. Here is a glimpse of one of these newbies:  (if it rouses any interest contact me for more pictures and the details. and DISCOUNT for November to February!!)

New family member: B&B366 - Genevieve's B&B. A quaint modest apartment in the 15th arrondissement, 200 metres from the eiffel tower. For anyone who loves the cosy comfort of a family feel apartment. Understated, clean and real!! Stay in a real Paris home, not another *Yawn* hotel room!

your guest bedroom
Standard rate: 110euro per night for 2 people = 55each! Hurrah. 
With discount? Ask and you shall receive :)
Private ensuite bathroom
peek-a-boo eiffel tower glimpse from the B&B


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