Sunday, October 17, 2010

a Paris Gift Pack for you

Book your Paris B&B Accommodation with Petite Paris, you will receive a little Paris Pack in the mail. A thoughtfully prepared gift from us to you.
So what's inside?

Paris maps - including a map of your district depending on which arrondissement you wind up in.

Metro tickets and metro map - start your holiday stress free without the hassle of having to line up for train passes to get to your B&B metro.

Postcards - Ok so you probably don't need these just yet particularly as you'll find masses of them in all those wonderfully parisian street newsstands  ... but just because they are pretty and inspire excitement!!

French Phrase Book
 - a pocket sized handy lifesaver for those awkward moments with the verbally impatience french - god love'em!

Paris Key Ring - to attach your future Parisian apartment key to! 

Travel Diary - to record your experiences, favourite things, shops, museums...if you wish.

Paris Insider - our list of recommendations, must see and do's for food, entertainment and cultural experiences while in the City of Lights.

Fridge Magnet - see 'postcards'.

Brochures and other Information - a variety of Parisian brochures from shops, restaurants, museums and more - all waiting to please you.

And anything else we can find from Paris that tinkles our fancy and we think will tickle yours - it's be a surprise!! 

On other business matters: 
We have added a links page to our website - directing you to our new 'French-loving' friends and partners -  French Communities, online shops and French language classes in Australia. 

A monthly newsletter distribution is in the works. 

And other very BIG and EXCITING developments happening but for now they are still hush-hush!! Promise to spill the beans soon!!

Wishing you a wonderful lazy Sunday afternoon from Petite Paris.

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