Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Paris studio pour Un!!?

hey guys

If your a facebook friend of ours, you may remember a press release we posted about traveling to Paris alone! It was called

'The Best Time to go to Paris, is Alone'! 

Clearly we are fans of traveling free!!

As a follow up to that...we have the follow studio apartment that would be just PARFAIT pour une! (for one!)

It can accommodate 2 people if you will, but since its the tiniest studio in parisian history (or so we believe) we usually recommend it only for the solo traveller. Its absolutely adorable too - space is completely maximised for your comfort and well decorated by your parisian hosts (both of which are interior designers). It has a kitchenette with bar fridge, cooker, cutlery, cooking utensils etc, a shower and bathroom and a fold out sofa bed, flat screen tv!

Its in the 15th arrondissement and boasts a fabulous view of the Sacre Coeur Basilica and the rooftops of Paris beyond. Its truly is a little gem!!
webpage link click here! 


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