Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paris Travel Resources

Bonsoir! Just sharing a little collection of travel resources to take with you to Paris. We'll post more and more as we find them. Promise! :)

  • Your B&Bs Neighbourhood  At Pages Jaunes you can see a map or a photo of your B&B apartment building as well as the entire street, or find out where the boulangeries in your neighborhood are located (in French). Google has a somewhat similar option.

  • Neighbourhood websites: Our favourite neighbourhoods are the marais and Montmartre. Where we have most of our B&Bs! If your staying at one of our B&Bs there then check out these neighborhood guides for both:  
  • Cafés with Free Wi-Fi: We like this roundup from

  • Biking Paris The mayor of Paris shows you how to rent those free or nearly free bikes (Velibs) all over town.


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