Saturday, February 11, 2012

Top Tips de Paris Petite!

Hi Paris lovers! Here are just a few personalized services and essential travel tips that we have selected for you today!! Its a gorgeous day too...

* Parisian Artist

If you love art, we recommend you to visit the web site of Pèpère, a young Parisian artist with innovative techniques to create bright and colored paintings. If you like his work, he can meet you and show you the paintings he has to sell or, if you prefer, create a personal painting for you during your stay. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with him to arrange a meeting.

Pèpère also offers you a guided tour of Montmartre, the area where he lives. At the end of the tour he offers a cheese tasting (including wine) at his apartment. The price for the guided tour of approximately two hours is 25 Euros per adult (2 people minimum), 15 Euros per child under 14 years old. With cheese and wine tasting – 95euros per person. TO read more about this service on our website click here.

* Guided tours by a Petite Paris Parisian Bed & Breakfast hostess

Brigitte has been welcoming guests in her Bed & Breakfast for more than 10 years. She is ready to be your personal guide to help you discover the real Paris. We recommend you make a booking in advance by email for the first days of your stay. She can show you how to travel by bus and subway and prepare a personalized tour just for you to meet your own requirements and desires! 

The price is 25 euros per hour (2 hours minimum).
Contact us to enquire and make a booking:  
To see Brigitte's budget B&B click here

* Home massage service

After a walk in Paris, a visit to a museum, your legs are heavy, your back hurts... To get you back on form in order to fully benefit from your Parisian stay, "Capquiétude", a service recommended by Petite Paris, comes to your guest room to give you a professional and relaxing massage.

Our masseurs and masseuses are certified professionals and members of the French Federation of massage and wellbeing - FFMTR.

Prices negotiated for you by Petite Paris: 90 minutes of massage 90 euros and 75 euros for 60 minutes.

Capquietude website:

NB: It's recommended that you try to book your massage in advance or ask your host to make the booking for you. Please let us know how satisfied you have been with that service.

Tourist information in the city

The tourism office has several service points in the city. Its main office is at the Pyramides subway. There you will find maps of Paris in your language, which are provided free. Do not hesitate to also ask for the small guide "Paris for you" published in French and English, which lists the major museums and other tourist interests.

We also recommend the following:

* The Terraces:

All the department stores: Gallery Lafayette, Printemps, Bon marché, BHV… have terraces accessible to everybody. Some of them have a coffee shop or a restaurant, but the access is always free. From these terraces, you have a wonderful view over the rooftops and streets of Paris.

Our personal favourites are BHV, because it is just opposite the City Hall and the Seine River, and also the Printemps, which faces the Opera Theater.

* The Eiffel Tower:

Since the year 2000 the Eiffel Tower lights up at night, flickers for the first ten minutes of each hour, as dusk comes. It is a show not to be missed where ever you are in Paris: from Montmartre, it looks like a sparkling diamond, from Concorde it is different again, and from right beneath your feet, the tower is another sight. We are often asked when it is best to visit the Eiffel Tower. I believe that the moment is just before sunset.

* L'officiel des Spectables and/or the Pariscope:

A good source to find all the timetables for the museums, cinemas, exhibitions, theatres, etc. Published each Wednesday and sold in all the newspaper shops and kiosks for 0.40 euros. The church concerts and recitals on a Sunday afternoon are free.

* The Louvre:

To avoid the queue, go down the stairs close to the little Arc de Triomphe (when the pyramid is behind you).

* Free entrance to museums:

Parisian museums offer free entry every first Sunday of each month (including the Louvre). The museums run by the City of Paris are always free, except of temporary exhibitions.

* Versailles Castle:

To go to Versailles Castle, the cheapest way is to take the bus 171, departure at Pont de Sevres subway (last station on line 9).

* Car parks in Paris:

In case you will come to Paris by car it may be the safest to park your car in an underground parking area and just use it again on your departure.All carking stations are within minutes of a Metro station and thereofre usuall y within minutes of one of our Paris B&B apartments.

It is possible to book a parking space in advance using this website:

Or do not hesitate to ask your host for the nearest parking. Depending on districts, the prices vary between 15 and 30 euros a day.

Feel free to request any information at all about Travel to Paris. If we don't already have it, we will find it!!

Bonne journee tout le monde xxx

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