Monday, February 13, 2012

ESCAPE Travel - Go to Paris!!

Its streamers, balloons, music and champers at Petite HQ!! We're a little over excited about the latest Petite editorial...we're featured in the ESCAPE travel section of the Sunday Telegraph in NSW, Sunday Times WA and Sun Herald Sun in VIC!!! Thank you Brian Crisp, National Travel Editor who we sent off to try out one of our B&Bs last year...he has come back with this fantastic write up about Carol one of our favourite hosts and her amazing B&B on the Saint Louis Island in the middle of le seine!!

Here's the link to Carols B&B if you want to read all about her B&B, guest room, services and see the B&B photos...

Otherwise just do what we are doing...stare at this for awhile, we've been at it aaaaaall day haha:


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