Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Paris! Petite Paris turns 3!

Yesterday we celebrated a belated Birthday. We've been so B&B busy we missed the TWO months! Whaaa?? Oh Well better late than never. For our birthday we went on a Paris indulgent celebration. All the must do Parisian essentials and must do favourites, to celebrate a special 3rd birthday!

We also gaveaway 10 copies of our Paris City Guide ebook on Facebook. Its only fair that we offer something to our blogger followers too. Soo...the first 5 bloggers to email us a Happy Birthday (via our website Not Facebook, or blogger) wins a copy too. :D Be quick, the books went in under an hour yesterday and we were continually bombarded with birthday wishes for the rest of the day...but there are only 5 left to Win!!

For now, enjoy our dream Paris birth-day... :D

Rise and shine and partay!! its friday! and guess what, Petite is THREE!!!

on birthdays there must be lots of hearts and lots of balloons!

on birthdays you must wake up fabulous and french!

on birthdays you must wake up to a magnificient view.

 on birthdays there must be breakfast in bed followed by second fancy champagne breakfast out!

 on birthdays there must be a moment saved just for your. solitude celebration for 1 - somewhere pretty

on birthdays there must be cake, high tea and macaroons on silver platters...

on birthdays you must shop and spa @ Lafayette and @ Georges V Four seasons Spa. 

on birthdays there should be wine cheese and charcuterie platters for lunch and Champagne on the Seine

 on birthdays there should be music...

and dancing...
 on birthdays there should be magique...

on birthdays there should be fleurs and boxed gifts 

on birthdays there must be laughter with friends
 On birthdays there must be fancy places...

On birthdays there must be crepes, glaces and frothy hot chocolate

on birthdays there must be LOVE

on birthdays there must be sunset drinks

on birthdays ther emust be cocktails, dark bars and dancing in cool club places..

on birthdays there should be more dancing under the moonlight, walks along the streets, and saying bonne nuit and merci to Paris!

on birthdays  there should be a cosy bed waiting for you to rest, to stare up at the Paris sky, knowing there is a delicious breakfast for you in the morning...
staying at a Petite Paris B&B :)

Thank you for sharing in our Birthday fun! :)

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