Monday, October 7, 2013

Secret Gardens of Paris! that are REALLY Secret!! ?

Putting on our Pariscope
Secret Gardens of Paris

These secret gardens REALLY are Secret, and not the 'Secret' gardens that everyone actually knows about! i.e not Secret at all!! hehehe  But if you HAVE heard of any of these, then at the least they are gardens that are not widely covered and regurgitated as 'secret'... thereby still NEWish secrets!!
Hmm leads me to ponder...can such a major city really hold any 'true' secrets? Tell us what you think of these 3...

These are quiet places where soft-spoken Parisians sit on the park benches, talk to friends, read, sleep, eat a salad, relish the sun or the embraces of a lover, watch the children. It's hard to get up and walk away from these sanctuaries.

1. Sully Garden
At the entrance to Hotel de sully, at the  Place de Vosges, Sully Jardin is a beautiful, gem of sumptuous decoration. Tranquility in the city centre. MAP


2. Anne Frank Garden

Behind the Centre George Pompidou (Marais), at the end of 'Impasse Berthaud' a paved dead end street, making it hard to find; this garden is tranquil, quiet and far from tourists. Only a few locals go despite the natural beauty of the park. MAP


3. Square Santiago
Hidden from the crowds by vegetation, it even has views of the Eiffel Tower. Corner Tour de la Maubourg and rue Grenelle MAP

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