Sunday, July 13, 2014

Paris Apartment SALE

Petite Paris

Christmas in JULY!



Petite Paris, back in Sydney after our annual 2 month Paris trip; feeling satisifed, revived and reminiscent of the sweet Parisian life after landing 32 new B&B Apartments and enjoying/indulging in all the city has to offer.

And now, it's on with the Paris show...!

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As always Paris has fueled us with renewed passion and drive for the rest of the year and we're pulling our petite socks up, putting our thinking caps on, as we prepare for lots of B&B bookings, fun apartment promotions and new products and services to add to our expanding Paris website.

Beginning this month with...

Petite Paris Christmas

in July SALE

There is only ONE month of the year where you can get:

10 to 30euro off the nightly rate on ANY B&B or Apartment

no matter when you are travelling to Paris!

PLUS a free copy of our Paris City Guide eBook

(our ultimate guide to the best, most beautiful and secret places in Paris. Cafes, restaurants, bars, nightlife, boulangeries, chocolateries, markets, museums, secret gardens and more. Google links, practical details, descriptions, images to help you live on the Paris streets)

PREVIEW the first 45 pages of our eBook HERE
OR Purchase it for only 7.99 for ipads or iphone.
$59 for beautiful hard copy coffee table version.

It's a good time to book your
Petite Paris Apartment!

Enquiries to:

Joyeux Noël a Juillet
tout le monde

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