Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Paris Pointers

Paris Pointers
Helpful Paris travel tips to note

* French bread has no preservatives which is why it goes rock hard overnight. Buy and eat fresh in the morning or afternoon otherwise you'll be 'breaking teeth'.

* Metro tickets purchased for the train can be used on buses too. And there is a 2 hr usage limit - use it to reach the where you want to go and within 2 hrs the same ticket to get back home - for those quick trips.

* Learn a few basic words and phrases in French.  It is the polite thing to do.  Young locals are more eager to speak English, and more capable, but you will find older gerations reluctant to speak or understand anything but French.

*At restaurants if you want something “To Go” it is best to ask for “Take Away”.  They understand that phrase better.

photo by yanidel www.yanidel.net

* If taxi drivers attempt to charge an extra 10euro for baggage, do not do it!

* Clean good drinking water is found at fountains in many locations around Paris. Find where they are located HERE.

* When metro cars are crowded do not sit in the fold down jump seats found near the doors. Signs are posted in the cars stating this rule.

* Purchase weekly whats on Guide 'Pariscope' at any newsstand for 60cents.

* Paris La Nuit is a fantastic online guide to wahts on in Paris each night. Find out about, bars, special events, clubs, shows, theatres, exhibitions and more by categories of theme and venue. www.parislanuit.fr

* Save $$ on coffee, get espressos for 1.50 or 2euro rather than cappuccinos for 4 or 5euro

* Staying in Paris for a long period, save $$ buy your fresh fruits and vegetables at the markets. The cheapest we found was the Barbes Rochechouart metro market. Not a pretty area by any means, and it can be downright pushy and crowded, not the luxury slow paces Parisian markets were always led to, its locals only, serious about rushing to the best stuff for less..but for a real experience of Paris life and for kilos of goods for 1 or 2 euro, you;ll be cooking up fresh, tasty gourmet meals for next to nothing in your Petite Paris apartmtent :) MAP

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