Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Petite Paris turns 4 today, Happy Birthday to We! :)

Its going to be a beautiful day today. PETITE PARIS is 4 TODAY!!!! 
Happy Birthday Petite Paris :)

Yes it's our birthday, launch anniversary, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to US!! Its such a joyous feeling today and everyday to do what you love, to be so passionate about your work that is play, to have fallen in love with Paris and have found a way to share my Paris with my fellow travellers in a real authentic way is the most fulfilling satisfying work ever. so... 4 long years of hard work, loving every moment even the hard times in the start, being a small boutique and personalble service was always going to be a challenge against the 'big-guns' but luckily there are masses of travellers thirty for just the service we provide and the thirst authentic Paris experiences. Just so beside myself happy each and everyday and so utterly lucky. Thank you firends, followers, fans and guests for following us, trusting us and helping us grow. We started with 20 homes and now have 130+ YAY Happy Birthday to WE!!!!! ps I want a french bulldog for my birthday, hehehe

For the last 4 years each day I rise on top of the world, because of Paris!! www.petiteparis.com.au

And my petit heart will always belong to my Petite Paris.

Petite Paris is an Australian based service offering over 130 Paris B&Bs and apartments, sourced by yours truly, quality assured only the best true B&B homes and services in Paris...let us show you the real Paris, book a Paris home today, its our BIRTHDAY www.petiteparis.com.au

And because its our birthday...a petite special offer/gift. 
Buy our Markets of Paris ebook $4.99 (a guide to the best of Paris most diverse and eclectic markets from gourmet to antiques) and get a copy of our Paris City guide ebook for FREE 
(Our online guide for ALL of Paris, the must see and do's including best cafes, restaurantss, bars, patisseries, secret parks, etc) 
TODAY only! 

Purchase your market guide here below link (then send us your email and we'll send your 2nd book back free right away): a birthday gift for YOU!! email: info@petitepr.com.au http://www.petiteparis.com.au/Petite_Paris_Bookshop__Paris_City_Travel_Guide_Markets_of_Paris.html

...Looking back. A photo of moi @ the first B&B we had on our website. and still with us. our B&B baby in the 14th arrodnissement, a traditional Parisian home...and the moment I discovered Montmartre, walking the hilly steps, thinking 'this is the place for me, and my first dusk sunset from the top of Montmartre. What a journey since then. God I love Paris!! Share my Paris and stay in one of our special unique and real Paris homes on our 4 yr old website www.petiteparis.com.au

Every since my love affair began with Paris 7 years ago, Winter has and always remains my favorite time of year to go. Such romance, crisp cold magical romance, hot wine, dark wooden old school bars, cfe au laits, winter jackets and fun layers, scarves and beenies while you watch the christmas and new year festivities and beautiful city lights...we have every year offered a Winter B&B apartment sale and this year is no different. To experience the most beautiful time between November and March 2015 in Paris stay in one of our homes and get up to 60euro off on selected apartments. Winter escape, winter saving, winter in Paris

Merci to all our Paris guest, fans and followers the past 4 years, stick with us, a petit australian run service, searching and securing the best Paris homes for you this is only the beginning too, more Paris ebooks, guided tours coming, and dont forget whether you enquire or book or not we are your source and guide to all things Paris, happily offering PAris travel tips and city recommendations because we love Paris and anyone going to Paris. MERCI for letting us be giddy everyday at work dear guests www.petiteparis.com.au

Finally remembering our 3rd birthday celebration this time last year, launching our second french website, French homes in the South of France. Dont forget our sister site, and the rest of France Meet L'Apartment if you haven't already and our cottages, chateaux, maisons in France www.lapartment.com.au

Petite Paris birthday balloons at our favourite time of day/night in Paris. le dusk

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