Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rapturous Paris - a foodie Feast

Petite Paris is mentioned in the New Vacations & Travel Magazine, out now! August - October edition 2014

Read about Paris' unparalleled gastronomic culture in this issue, the article 'Rapturous Paris' is about some stellar new restaurants, a colossal designer-boom in the northern Marais section, all peppered with some neat background history. And then ... a tip on where to stay in Paris...why with Petite Paris of course. And what goes better with a decadent french feast...a decadent French home to Bed and Breakfast in afterwards :)

A snippet of pure wordy genius from travel writer Brannon Gerling:

"exotic aromas that ripple warmly through salons, fluted champagnes euphorically bubbling by the trillions and pure smooth wines that tantalise the return to the ancient world. We've heard of bizarre invitations layered with etiquette and coquetry that gush with Parisian indulgences amidst baroque charms and absinthean art nouveau figures that eventually emerge whispering seductively from the walls"

And funny quote we loved: 

'Dessert without cheese is like a pretty woman with only one eye" Brillat de Savarin

Read the full article here:

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