Thursday, September 25, 2014

Paris B&B Quality of Charter

just reading about a little know bnb service we know as (dare we say it?!) 'air' Airbnb.. the pros the cons... hey you gotta know your competition. and while good or bad, like any service, one unavoidable difference between our services which makes them incomparable. We inspect and select our B&B's following a strict quality of charter by the French Convention & Tourism industry. YEs our hosts offer their real homes, but they also offer quality service and meet a very strict quality of standard. Peace of mind when travelling and staying (in any city) is paramount. something money cant buy...check out our site: 

Its also been a while since we posted our basics Quality of Charter. so here is a little reminder, and start to our selective quality process: but keep in mind we still go above and beyond and seek only truly unique home and with the best most comfortable and practical aspects for our guests. 

The host is over 18 years old, speaks fluent French and is able to speak at least a little English.

The host wants the visitor to discover Paris and his/her quarter and provides the visitor with helpful printed documents that informs the visitor of his/her stay in Paris.

The host warmly welcomes his/her visitors and maintains a high level of quality customer service.

The host is easily reachable by the visitor, likes cultural exchanges and is non-discriminatory.

The host provides a key to the accommodation to the visitor or is ready to always be available to the visitor to permit entry to his/her home.

The host receives only one visitor or one group of visitors at a time. (Unless exceptions to this are clearly noted in the description of the accommodation).

The accommodation is located in Paris and is situated in a good quality building.

The accommodation is tastefully decorated and perfectly clean.

The guest room is comfortable, welcoming and maintains privacy.  Guest room dimensions are at least 12m2.

The guest room is perfectly clean. The bedding is new and comfortable.
Normally aerated or warmed, the bedroom has at least one window.

The bed is composed of a mattress of 70 x 190cm for a single bed and at least 140cm x 190cm for a double bed.

Convertible sofas can be offered as beds when it is noted in the description of the accommodation.

Blankets, pillows, quilts are new and clean.
Mattresses, pillows and quilts must be protected by washable covers and cleaned following each visitor departure.

Bed sheets and pillow covers must be cleaned before the arrival of the visitor and must be changed at least once every four days (except for promotional offers for long stays).

The bedroom will be perfectly cleaned (cleaning will be carried out at least once every four days), tastefully decorated, normally aerated, warm and free of any outside noise.

The bathroom or shower-room is either private or may be shared with the hosts. This will be noted in the description of the accommodation.

Sufficient illumination and tastefully decorated.

Those toilets shared with the hosts will be cleaned daily or once every four days if the toilets are private.

The bathroom linen (at least one towel and one bath towel per person) must be in perfect and clean condition and changed at least once every four days as well as changed once after each departing visitor.
Continental breakfast is generally a fresh baguette and croissants, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, orange juice, butter, jams, cereals.

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