Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pariscope - a Bar Metro map and urban garden cafe!!

Hot off the Press...

1. NEW Paris Metro

Gone are the days when going out to a restaurant , an exhibition or just after an appointment, no one knows what bar to go. No matter where you are in Paris or on what line you move you , this subway map will give you the best bar to go to the neighborhood. For each metro station, a single bar is on the agenda . You are sure not to go wrong and not to disappoint your friend.


2. La REcylerie
Off the beaten Parisian track...

LOVE this~
In the North of Montmartre discover urban gardening and Electic food and drink. Les Jardins du Ruisseau, is a community garden located on the abandoned platforms of the city’s former commuter rail system. There's great appeal of this rough-around-the-edges area, attracting urban explorers and city picnickers since it opened 10 yrs ago. NEW to the project is, La REcyclerie, a cafeteria-style restaurant and bar co-opting the spirit of the quartier it is an open, airy space that is host to group gatherings and informative workshops. This is a great place for families too...theres a spacious dining room inside overlooking the garden and tracks, the outdoor picnic area. MAP

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