Friday, January 9, 2015

a little paris love for me!

Every day I work with my mind, eye and focus on Paris. Helping guests find and book their perfect PAris B&B or apartment in our pool of over 130 uniqur hand selected quality B&B homes, is my pleasure! I adore Paris, I fell in love with her 8 years ago on my first trip to the city of lights. I love travel, I fell in love with that lifestyle at the same time. My first accommodationl experience was in a B&B where I quickly realised I could never want anything more than a homey personal and intimate place to stay in a local natives home who hosted me so well like an old friend rather than a paying customer.. and so my lifes work was born. Paris, travel and unique authentic travel experiences stayin in Paris B&Bs... so needless to say that after spending 20 hrs a day tending to my dear guests and promoting my bebe 'Petite Paris;, when I receive such amazing warm feedback about our B&Bs and service, it fuels my passion and drive even more for dedicated 100% quality service, beginning (booking service) to end (with the perfect B&B stay)...

We are - an utterly quaint and unique service and stay in Paris! 

Here is the little piece of Petite Paris love that has put a spring in my step today...with some photos of the B&B in mention... 

Our comfort was better tan for any hotel we have stayed in and we felt that things were exceptionally clean. It was better than described and we will use this site again and recommend it to others. It was a great piece of luck when I stumbled on this site while googling others.

Gisèle took a motherly interest in making sure we knew the best bus/ metro route for our daily excursions. She helped us in everyway that a good Parisian friend would do if you were a guest in their home. When we had to leave early she offered to give us early breakfast and then walked us to our bus to take us to Gare du Nord and ensured that we caught the right one at the bus stop. 

For breakfast we felt that a feast had been set before us. There was enough breakfast for half a dozen guests! Gisèle urged us to make provision for ourselves from the breakfast table for a picnic during the day, which we did. We looked forward to Giseles breakfast as a superb holiday treat each day.

She knew many things from personal experience and freely advised us saving many waisted hours.

The central location and the quietness of our room was a perfect background for its 
comfort and the confident helpfulness of Gisèle, our new Parisian friend.

We now feel that Gisèle is our very special friend and that we would love to stay with her again when Paris is on our agenda. We have learnt a lot from her.

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