Saturday, January 31, 2015

Petite Paris B&Bs: Handpicked at Perfection!

When hospitality is considered, there’s only one place in the world where hospitality transcends even exceptional generosity and friendly entertainment, where it becomes forged into a moving art. Trip after trip, century after century, that place is always, Paris.

Heading there—that’s the easy part, but picking the ideal Parisian place to spend your precious vacation time will likely be more demanding, especially when the lodging market has recently been diluted with amateurish options by elephantine Internet-listing websites. 

With thousands of B&Bs to choose from, Petite Paris has narrowed it down to one hundred handpicked, quality-controlled B&Bs. 

True, classic B&Bs in real Parisian family homes where hosts are committed to the service of meeting, welcoming, hosting and offering travellers a real insight into Parisian life.  

Handpicked for perfection, quality is assured and there is no room for 'bad luck' or 'bad choice' like in so many other online services. 

 Petite Paris tailors to budgets, personally and professionally, for classic Parisian style and appetite. Petite Paris’s B&Bs are categorically not just the best in Paris, but also the best in the world.  30 years of B&B experience assured, meeting the Paris France Tourism Convention Bureau Quality of Standard.

Try our service today, we also offer human personalised interaction, one-on-one assistance, not automated, helping you find and select the ideal and most suitable home in Paris for you. We care about your experience in Paris, beginning with the home you rest in.

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