Monday, March 30, 2015

Le Tower House in Medival village in France. Book it today!

Bienvenue Le Towerhouse
Available now for bookings!

Another NEW home in FRANCE for you!
An easy 4hr direct drive from Paris right off the motorway. We would like to introduce you to Jan an Australian Francophile and owner of our new home, who shares with us a quick story of how she came to own her own dream French country home, this 4 storey historic and renovated home in Souillac Village, in the Midi-Pyrenees France, accommodating up to 6 guests!

Accommodates up to 6 guests
 $1325 AU per week
$3683AU per month

“We have had a lot of trips to France— can’t remember how many.  I first came in 1980 and first came with my husband in 1993.  We love the French lifestyle- specially how they treat food with respect and the attention to detail.  We get to France once or twice a year.  When we retire we plan to split our time between France and Adelaide. We also like how the French are polite and organised; the supermarket check out doesn’t start until an exchange of ‘bonjour”s. 

"We bought the house in 2011 after I spent 8 years convincing my husband we needed a house in France.  We have visited a lot of different regions (around Lyon, Burgundy, Brittany, Alsace, Provence, Perpignan area, Loire valley) but fell in love with the south west because of the climate, food and spectacular scenery.

In February 2011 I sent my sister off with a list of houses to view. She rang me and said “I’ve found your house”.  And she had!"

'The house was already renovated in 2005, so just needed a few touches'

Souillac is close to lots of natural attractions and is just off the motorway from Paris.  It was important to us to be in a living town, not an empty hamlet (one holiday rental experience) and we didn’t want to be in an English enclave.

That being said, we know 4 other Australian couples with houses here, so clearly Australians feel at home in the area.  It is great being on the river.  There is a town swimming pool and a water park for summer.  We have had 2 Christmases at Souillac but not yet a white one."

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