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Sweet Spots in Paris!

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Monthly Paris Tips

Sweet Spots for Lovers
Where to take your special someone in Paris, romantic hidden gardens, quaint cafes, chocolateries, wineries, venues, amazing vistas and views!

1. Choco Paris
Offering 3 chocolate walking itineraries to the most exceptional chocolatiers in Paris. Unlike other chocolate tours in Paris, this one lets you go at your own pace for FREE! As well as chocolate, Ice Cream, Best Hot chocolate, tea rooms, and best pastry. Visit the website and pick your itinerary HERE

2. Wine Tasting

‘Musee du Vin’ is a limestone quarrie from the Middle Ages that once served as cellars for a monastery, the museum is a romantic collection of more than 200 artifacts and after viewing enjoy a glass of wine and vaulted romantic cellar room that serves as a romantic restaurant and also wine and cheese tastings. 5 square Charles Dickens, Rue des Eaux 75016 MAP  METRO: Passy


3. Orchestrate a Paris Picnic in the Park.
What you will need: A picnic blanket, picnic basket or set with glasses, plates, napkins and a knife, an assortment of foods and drinks from a local grocery or epicerie – cheeses, baguettes, wine, frois gras, various cold cuts like French Salami and a macaroon or 2 or 3. Where to go: anywhere on the seine waterfront with sounds of beautiful chanson music from street musicians, Pont des Arts (Lovers bridge), the Left Bank (waterfront) between Petit Palais and Notre Dame or on the Right Bank of Seine, between the Latin Quarter and Eiffel Tower, or along any neighborhood gardens or famous gardens like the Luxembourg or Tuileries.

4. Classical Music Concert
Take your loved one to La Saint Chappell, for some romantic and therapeutic musical reflections amidst the rumblings of the city. This gothic architectural jewel is located on the Isl. de la Cite and holds over 100 concerts through the year; featuring works of the classical music repertoire. Concerts daily start at 7pm and 8.30pm. Arrive early. 8 Blvd du Palais 75001 Paris METRO: Chatalet


5. Musee de la Vie Romantique
Visit this remote, off the beaten path pretty maison known as the Museum of Romantic Life, or Museum of Romantics standing at the foot of Montmartre hill in the 9th arrondissement in an 1830 hôtel particulier facing two twin-studios, a gorgeous greenhouse, a small garden perfect for a romantic picnic, and a paved courtyard. Open daily except Monday. 16 rue Chaptal 75009 METRO: Pigalle, Blanche, Saint-Georges, and Liège.

6. Un Dimanche a Paris
More chocolate in Paris should be enjoyed in this all-chocolate concept store, a decadent gourmet chocolatier. A chocolate boutique, cake house, tearoom and chocolate cocktail bar in one find the most amazing concoctions. Book a seat for your loved one and let the chocolate flow.

7. Secret Romantic Garden
At Hotel Particulier - 18eme Montmartre
Behind the black wrought iron portal, in the unlikely Passage de la Sorciere, is an impressive house surrounded by a garden both elegant and wild. The terrace is frequented by locals and hotel guests. 23 Avenue Junot 75018 Paris.

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