Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DIY Walking Tour in Paris - 7eme - L'eiffel Land

Walking Tour 7eme
Living in L'Eiffel Land

7am:  Enjoy Breakfast in a Petite Paris B&B Apartment
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@ B&B105 Florence's place in the 7eme - click HERE to see it

8.00am Walk next door to Le Eiffel Tower MAP
    Enjoy the cities biggest icon and sight first thing before the crowds

8.45am  Coffee at Cafe Malabar MAP
Pit stop at Paris cafe #1 for the day, a warm inviting cafe with country decor and wood furnishings mismatched chairs.


9.30am Stroll Rue Cler Open Markets MAP
One of Paris' famous must-see streets, an open fresh food gourmet market for upscale Parisians and celebrities
. Pick up some gourmet treats, cheeses, wines, fruits, cakes etc..


10.30am  Square d'Ajaccio MAP
Next to the Invalides is a secret square garden and park with a gorgeous view of le Eiffel. Feet up an enjoy those market treats.


11.00am Musee Rodin MAP
One of the most tranquil and peaceful uncrowded museums dedicated to the French sculpture Auguste Rodin with an amazing sculptire garden. Alternate: Musee d'Orsay one of Paris' grand must-see museums if you want to see large amounts of Impressionist art form the 19th century

12.15pm  DeBauve and Gallais MAP
Pick up some treats at Paris' oldest Chocolatier

12.45pm  Lunch at Au Sauvignon MAP
A classic Parisian brasserie with the largest selection of wines for lunch and typical Parisian fare, though fo rlunch its great for a quick sandwch with a glass of wine, or go for the charcuterie or cheese platters

2.00pm  Dessert at Hugo & Victor Patisserie
One of Paris' leading Chocolatier/Patisseries

2.20pm  Nearby La Patisserie des Reves
Deserves a stop in and taste test too

2.45pm  La Grand Epicerie MAP

Bon Marché is the biggest left bank department store, the oldest in Paris and the best for its grocery department ‘La grande épicerie de Paris’. With over 5000 different products, from around the world. A hard-to-find bottle of mineral water from Wales, an exquisite tomato sauce from Naples! What you can't find anywhere else; you will find it there.

3.30pm Coutume Cafe MAP
Paris used to be infamous for it's bad bitter bad coffee, until Coutume! Part of the new 'good coffee in Paris' revolution this is one of the best for a familiar cup of well roasted Australian coffee.

4.00pm La Pagoda MAP
Next door to Coutume Cafe catch an English (or French film at this historic regal cinema) and there is a quiant japanese garden outside.

   6.00pm  Aperitif hour @ L'Eclair MAP
 For a very chic aperitif hour this bar/restaurant serves amazing cocktails. catered towards the young and hip!

7.00pm DINNER @ Le Sancere MAP
OR Alternate @ Cafe Constant MAP

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